“Ryabkov called unrealistic requirement trump on the revision of the nuclear deal with Iran

Requirements of the President of the United States Donald trump to revise the deal on the Iranian atom unrealistic, and its implementation cannot be linked to the actions of Tehran in the region and in the area of human rights, said on Wednesday Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

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“The demands that were put forward in the statement of the President of trump some time ago, unrealistic,” Ryabkov said on air of the TV channel RT.

“I think many in the American administration are mistaken in thinking that it will be possible to revise something or add to the Iranian deal,” said the Deputy Minister. “In my opinion, it is absolutely impossible,” – said Ryabkov.

He said that it was unacceptable to link the execution of a transaction on the Iranian atom with the actions of Tehran in the region and in the sphere of protection of human rights.

“We have to consider the Iranian nuclear program as a stand-alone question. We should not disturb it with anything – not with the behavior of Iran in the region, neither with human rights nor with the fact that Iran somehow limit its missile program,” – said Ryabkov.

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