“Saakashvili has ruled out the possibility of extradition to Georgia

– Ex-President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili is sure that the current Ukrainian authorities do not take real steps for his arrest and extradition to the homeland.

“Nonsense, I can be arrested in Kiev from day to day. They ain’t got no power and no performers. Today in Ukraine there is an active process of the collapse of the economy and the current government, as happened in his time in Georgia under Shevardnadze,” – said Saakashvili on Tuesday in the air of the Georgian TV company “Rustavi 2” from Kiev.

The ex-President of Georgia did not rule out the possibility of his abduction and secretly sent to Tbilisi.

“Normal legal procedures they will not be able to transfer to Georgia, so in this case it is necessary to detain me several weeks to hold in custody. The only way they have somewhere to kidnap me, shove into a plane and sent to Tbilisi, but this was followed by the overthrow of the government by the people of Ukraine, as well as the acceleration of the process of expulsion of Georgian oligarch Ivanishvili”, – Saakashvili said.

In addition, the former President of Georgia stated that, if he is in prison in Georgia, he did not intend to sit quietly in the chamber.

“I will actively fight in conclusion, if this will happen. I will address not only the members and supporters of our party “United national movement” and the Georgian society in which I have a lot of support. I have support in the Georgian state agencies, including in law enforcement bodies”, – said Saakashvili.

He stressed that he knows how to act in any scenario.

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