“The Ministry has rejected the “Win” in new permits for flights to Europe

– The interdepartmental Commission (MVK) under the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation refused the airline “Victory” (low-cost carrier “Aeroflot” ) in new permits for flights to Europe, follows from the materials published by Federal air transport Agency on Wednesday.

We are talking about the tolerances in the execution of regular flights to Leipzig, German, and Italian in Cagliari and Bari.

Earlier it was reported that “Victory” has filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of transport and the Federal air transport Agency due to the fact that in August, the MBC denied the carrier tolerances for flights from Makhachkala to Istanbul from Krasnodar to Tbilisi. The source of “Interfax” declared that “Victory” was the only company applying for these routes, however, “the Commission not only refused admission, but did not provide any justification therefor.”

According to materials on the website of the Federal air transport Agency, on the same August meeting of the Commission “Victory” was also denied admissions on regular flights from Moscow to the Italian Rome, Milan and Bari. They were divided between the airlines “globe”, “Siberia” (both are included into group S7), and UTair .

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