“The Pakistani airline apologized for the forgotten at the airport in new York two coffins with the bodies

The airline Pakistan International Airlines has brought in a Wednesday apology after the ground staff of the company are forgotten in the airport in new York to immerse aboard the bodies of two people, reports “bi-Bi-si”.

It is noted that on 28 October, the airline had to transport from new York to Lahore two bodies, but by mistake of the company’s employees donated goods, two coffins were left in an American airport.

“The airline regrets the resulting inconvenience,” reads the statement of the Pakistan International Airlines. The airline “expresses sympathy to the family members of the deceased people.”

In addition, the statement emphasizes that the company carefully monitor the transmission mechanism of the goods and cover all costs incurred.

In the message “Bi-bi-si” it is noted that after the incident, the relatives of one of the deceased decided to bury him in the us state of Maryland, while the second body had managed to transport flight operated by Etihad Airways.

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