World championship pool in Moscow: players are very comfortable here

Moscow-winter was marked by an important sporting event – the world Billiards Championships. Came to the capital 68 perspective from more than two dozen countries to determine the strongest this year in the discipline of “Pool 9”.

The competition is held in three categories: girls and older and younger boys.

Official tournament venue was hotel “Youth”, and the organizers from the Russian side was organized by Federation of billiard sports of Russia and the Moscow Union of billiard sport. The competition will last for 4 days. From October 30 to November 1 will be the preliminary matches, and November 2 will be three finals.


Moscow for the first time takes such a large and representative forum billiard. About the organization, the status and importance of the tournament to the correspondent “MK” was told by the Vice-President of Federation of billiard sports of Russia, the sports Director of the world championship Lev Yaroslavtsev.

— The tournament takes place at a very high level, — said Leo Tolstoy. Arrived in Moscow by representatives of 22 countries from all continents. This is very encouraging, because many doubted that in Moscow everything will be done correctly and efficiently. Actually what is happening now is better than it was in other cities and countries, because almost all matches are live broadcasted via the Internet. Spectators are free to watch them. All information is fully available. This is a very important indicator: it means that the championship is not some closed tournament, and a completely open competition.

— Is it possible to speak about favourites of the championship?

— According to the results, of course, too early to say, but the main leaders of the Russian team Fedor Gorst, Christine weaver and Yegor Trifonov constituted a “sweatshirt” without defeats. They will have a meeting for an exit in the medal standings. They are already in the quarterfinals and await those who will be in the lower brackets. Here the Russians were only three. It Trusevska Valery, Dmitry and Stanislav Shkadov Akhtyamov. Talking about athletes from other countries is premature, although the “sweatshirt” and the pole, and the players from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Japan, Korea. Billiard players from Asia show themselves well enough. Of course, the main day will be tomorrow. Rather like today’s semi-finals will determine tomorrow’s finalists.

— Why the venue was chosen Moscow as, in principle, determined by the host city?

— We have long wanted to hold this tournament in Moscow. For three consecutive years to host the competition were from China, the championship was held in Shanghai. We tried to get into the niche vacated after this lengthy contract. Russia argued for the tournament with the United States. Our application won because we did everything quite compact. The competition is held in one place; athletes and live there. It is convenient for kids because it doesn’t need to go anywhere, no problems with weather, transportation, living conditions. There is a good room, the room where you can work out, the hotel is high level. These components allowed us to invite tournament in Moscow.

— As sports Director of the championship, could you tell us about any difficulties or nuances of the organization of the forum?

— To be honest, absolutely all colleagues with whom we prepared the championship, worked very smoothly. Difficult was the question of visa support. Should have visas for different countries — Curacao and Malaysia, Brazil, Argentina, the USA to South Africa, China, Taiwan, the Philippines and Singapore. There are, for example, and Saudi Arabia and European countries. Organizational issues were associated with the arrival of foreign athletes in Russia, but we cannot say that we have had to cope or to overcome difficulties. We just worked.

— Do athletes have free time to visit the tour to see the sights of Moscow?

— All precisely calculated. Although in General each day for 3-5 rounds, some athletes spend just 1-2 meetings. They can see the capital, to visit interesting places. I saw on the Internet a lot of photos of the amazing places of Moscow, of which we, Muscovites, sometimes forget. The players were not only in red square. They post a lot of photos — and that’s good! They like here and very comfortable. That’s great!

— Whether it was Moscow, like China, to seek a contract for holding tournaments for one year, and for a few years?

— A lot will depend on what assessments will be given in the championship. Still, in the world there is some prejudice about the events in Russia. But judging from the feedback received after the championship, and the results of our athletes it is quite possible that we will be able to claim the continuation of this series and the organization of the competition next year.

— The player can also affect this decision?

The results of the athletes in General affect our sport.

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