Alexander Asmolov: “the Fig education in the modern world?”

November 1, the first venue of the largest international educational summit Global Education Leaders Partnership (GELP) in Moscow. Leading experts gathered to figure out what and how to teach modern school to prepare children for life in a radically new — digital — world. However, in the first day of work it became clear that all countries are on an equal footing, because credible answer to this question nobody knows.


The education system is working as accustomed for decades, if not centuries. Especially in Russia, said Director of the direction “Young professionals” strategic initiatives Agency Dmitry Peskov: the same curriculum, the same methods, the same exams. Meanwhile, the court has established “the digital era”, and “20 million Russians do not have the skills necessary for inclusion in the digital economy. Need a quick and cheap way to arm them with these skills. And where to get such programs, it is not clear!”

Moreover. In addition to the purely professional training that today’s employer expects from graduates of the education system additional competencies: ability to work in team, ability to take responsibility for problem solving, innovative skills, etc. “We are confident that the world is entering the era of teamwork,” they say. And this kind of work, the education system also teaches.

Is not conducive to it and other call the “digital era”, — stated educational summit. The attractiveness of the virtual world today is so superior to the real possibility that even “analog generations”, not to mention the representatives of the “digital” often prefers virtual real, by making this choice, cease to evolve, gradually turning into a living appendage of the memory to the electronic device.

So how do you need today to teach the children?

— We used to say what context and what technologies we should use in teaching. But we were blind — formulated the main problem of the Director of the Federal Institute of education development Alexander Asmolov. — We didn’t see the main question: why do we need education? Now this question is for the first time. And I’d even formulated it harshly, in Russian: “A Fig for education in the modern world”.

— The main thing in today education not competence and not only skills with technology, he explained. — Key drama education today — the gap teachers and parents from children. We are blind, what and how to teach because we have changed century: now is the era of diversity. And today, as in his time the world has shifted from the system of Ptolemy to Copernicus, and we are moving from the model of the teacher Kamensky (average student, average people) to the world of personalization and individualization. Thus, fundamentally changing the main concept of education. Early education was a stream of knowledge, abilities and skills. The main ideology of modern education was to support diversity, today’s understanding of what to do. And the main motive of the cycle of education is the willingness to change.

Accordingly changed the role of the teacher, said Asmolov: “Today it is a motivator, Navigator, Communicator, and, most importantly, is an expert in the support of diversity”. After all, the question is, are you ready for our school.

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