Disqualification passenger cars: who else from the Russians come down the trail Pyeongchang

Alexander Legkov and Yevgeny Belov found guilty. Athletes are deprived of the results at the Olympic games in Sochi, Legkov has to return the medals won there, both of the skier is disqualified for life. Sanctions take effect immediately, but touching at the moment, only the Olympic games, a ban on participation in the regular competition under the auspices of FIS no. The IOC insists that athletes participated in an intentional conspiracy, knew that the samples will be substituted.

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Photo: Ivan Isaev.

Alexander passenger cars and Yevgeny Belov’s life was expelled from the Olympic family. So far only them. What was supposed to happen during the day, if a pending decision of the IOC under the leadership of Oswald was taken suddenly in such a rigid form? It is not only easy and Belov have lost the right to the Olympic games. Personal tragedy skiers are able to turn into the disqualification of the team throughout the team of Russia at the Olympic games in Pyeongchang.

The Commission Denis Oswald was engaged in the re-examination of samples of the Olympic games -2014 in the first place, damage to the containers. The Commission, under the leadership of Samuel Schmid has been studying the issue of “state” intervention in the Russian anti-doping policy in sport. Meeting of the IOC Executive Board on 5-7 December should summarize their work. Until that time, Denis Oswald and his Commission will hold hearings for all 28 Russian athletes caught in a “list of McLaren”.

The case of skiers became the first in the list of trials. The first is always a vector. A vector – weathervane: where the wind blows, and turn back. A vector is a directed segment. Alexander Legkov and, apparently, all the other skiers, the defendants Gregory by Rodchenkova listed as McLaren, is out of the specified start and came to a predetermined end.

Now it seems, if anything to understand in this endless doping stories that began with delusional story about the hole in the wall, it will be easier. We do – not know anything, and do not know. They do not understand and do not understand. Rage, worry, curse…

Now it seems that the Olympic family, this is wrong – something is wrong with her. Crooked some. Why the scratches on the container, already studied along and across – proof of guilt of the athlete? Why lungs, which over the years has proved to be an elite track, it suddenly becomes rogue? So simple? Career, actually life – against records Rodchenkova? If you are guilty, prove it “humanly”, so without speculation. Why “family” doesn’t want to fight for leaders?

Sorry For Sasha. He is the athlete, the beloved country. In the eyes of the country for many years fought for the podium. Became the Olympic champion. Now he’s not. In all senses. It’s not only deprived of the ski life.

Alexander Legkov in Sochi won gold in the marathon of 50 kilometers and a silver in the relay 4×10 km (respectively all members of the selected team medals). The second place of the marathon took Maxim Vylegzhanin, whose name is also on the list of Russians barred. Bronze – Ilya Chernousov, who lists no McLaren.

Lawyer Christoph Wesemann after the announced decisions of the Commission Oswald was forced to move to plain language in assessing what is happening: “the Commission’s Decision deserves the term “scandal”. This is a mockery of the statement by the IOC President Thomas Bach on the conclusions only on the basis of reliable evidence.” “Physical evidence” of violations of the rules of the Russian skiers, stressed the lawyer, no.

Rend the air with emotions – our destiny in recent years. Society for the months of guessing – what was and what was not in Sochi, have long split into parts.

Someone said that our guilt is proven, and enough to rock the boat, it’s time to confess. And be cleansed.

Someone that is Rodchenkov, the evil genius of the Russian sports, planned everything himself: scratched vials, poured, poured, replaced. He was released from the country just because no one even did not occur to the scale of the tragedy.

The most persistent and faithful, continued and continue to believe: athletes are not to blame, but taxis in world sport is now policy, and it alone. And here we catch nothing. And even fight in the legal field – at least with domestic lawyers, though foreign, is useless. While the world situation will not change, we will rot. Indicative flogging of a single country has not been canceled.

Maybe the solution Legkov and Belov is a terrible compromise? To punish one, loudly, to withdraw from the blow of others, the majority? Divination by the middle of the Olympic would not last very long. To Pyeongchang remained a few months.

Having lived through hard days before, during and after the summer Olympic games in Rio, having lost a part of the summer team, we did not understand, and how we need to prepare for a winter attack? That it will follow, no doubt about it. A serious joke, went back in Sochi-2014, which is such a huge success in Russia will not forgive you, turned into reality, backed by the Brazilian test.

What was I supposed to prepare? How to stop the ball, which is wound on all the new words and accusations?

Now, after the indictment resolution of the case passenger cars and Belov, the ball will roll even more quickly. For fans of charges starts the game on the rebound. And in the list of the Commission there are still medalists Sochi.

The day before the Committee meeting Oswald six-time Olympic champion Marit bjoergen were “warming up” the next round of painful themes “Russian and doping”. The skier expressed concern about the safety of her personal doping tests at international tournaments. The film with the main character by Rodchenkova about the technology of substitution of doping tests Russian athletes at the Games in Sochi made a great impression on her: “I am Worried about our security. Russian could replace our sample”.

Behind bjoergen made another skier Rosie Brennan, American. She does not understand why you need any verification and evidence if the report McLaren all have written? “Most athletes believe that the report of the McLaren was quite clear and self-sufficient. Strange that a new investigation.”

And lungs and Belov again appeal to the court of arbitration for Sport. The same court which sent them not long ago, the proceedings of the IOC.

Steps in a circle. A shock without end.

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