In India a child is born with two heads

In the Indian state Ambajogai were born Siamese twins with two heads but one body for two, shared bodies and limbs. Unfortunately, despite the connection to the ventilator, a day later after the birth of the babies died.


As reported, experts have discovered a deviation only at the eighth month of pregnancy. Siamese twins born after caesarean section, the life of their mother is not in danger.

This, at least, the second in 2017 similar case, which drew the attention of the media. In January it became known that conjoined twins with one body and two heads, were born in Ciudad Juarez in Mexico, and gender of the children and the names of their parents were not disclosed.

According to some reports, the Siamese twins are born about 200 thousand times less than “normal” children, and only 10 percent of them have two heads and a shared body. If in some cases it is possible to separate, in the case of the birth of a child with two heads and one body like unattainable, even if the inside of the body two “complete set” of internal organs.

Chances of surviving infancy like Siamese twins, unfortunately, is not too great, but sometimes they are not equal to zero. As a famous example is Abigail and Brittany Gesell — twenty-seven of conjoined twins with one body and two heads living in the United States. They have received higher education and teach math in elementary school. The sisters note that they differ significantly from each other in nature.

In scientific archives, recorded four pairs of surviving twins dicephalus.

In the middle of this year a group of researchers from the University of North Rio de Janeiro, studied found the people of the state of espírito Santo bat with two heads for a long time kept in the home collection Brazilian zoologist Antonio Peracchi.

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