“In Russia called the exploded in Syria a bomb with hisanaga ground and made of water pipes

Earlier, the international experts came to the conclusion that nuke Damascus controlled by the Syrian air force, but in Russia this investigation considered incompetent

The Syrian town of Khan shaykhun after the use of chemical weapons in April 2017, godatta: Zuma/TASS

– Analysis of photographs of the crater left in the Syrian city of Khan shaykhun after the use of chemical weapons in April 2017, confirm that it has remained after the fall of the bombs with a chemical charge, said the representative of the defense Ministry.

“At this photos we give for the rest of the bombs strange sheet of metal that has a distinctive and characteristic samini gusts, indicating that this metal is quite plastic. This metal is used for the manufacture of water pipes, which suggests that the ammunition was homemade, made from water pipe and laid on the ground surface,” – said the representative of the defense Ministry at a briefing in Moscow on Thursday.

He called the conclusion of the joint OPCW/UN to investigate (SMR) the use of chemical weapons in Syria incompetent.

The representative of the Russian defense Ministry said that bombs when falling fall to the ground, then an explosion occurs, leaving the surface of the funnel is round or ellipsoidal. “In this photograph we see a clear almost rectangular edge of the crater,” – said the representative of defense Ministry.

He noted that in favor of the version about the pipe bomb and say the funnel indentation inside. “Which suggests that the charge was clearly on the surface of the asphalt. Traces of the emission (ground) we do not observe,” said the Colonel.

He said that the crater is characteristic of the static ammunition of cylindrical shape, installed on the surface.

Chemical attack

April 4, Syrian Khan Sheyhun was carried out the chemical attack, which killed about 100 people. Most Western countries and the Syrian opposition blamed the incident on the Syrian government. In Damascus denies the charges.

On the night of 7 April, the United States, using cruise missiles struck Syrian airfield shirt on which as consider in Washington, stockpiled applied in Khan Sheyhun sarin.

The investigation into the incident involved a Joint mechanism of the OPCW-UN investigating the use of chemical weapons in Syria (CMP). The CMP’s mandate expires on November 14, October 24 at the UN Security Council held a vote on its extension. Russia vetoed the resolution, citing a desire to first view the report on the activities of the Mechanism over the past year.

Report that blame for the incident in Khan Sheyhun imposed on Damascus, was circulated in the UN security Council on 26 October, the discussion is scheduled for 7 November. The Russian side appreciated the report as amateurish and based on assumptions and selective use of facts. As said to “Interfax” Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, the report contained “numerous inconsistencies, logical inconsistencies, questionable evidence and unconfirmed evidence.”

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