“In the Federation Council spoke about the plans to completely liberate Syria from the terrorists until the end of the year

– Russia managed to undermine the economy of terrorists “Islamic state” (banned in Russia – if), it is planned to liberate the country from the terrorists until the end of the year, said the head of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Viktor Bondarev.

“We were able to undermine the economy of the IG, which is in direct proportion to the sale of hydrocarbons. So, two years ago, when Russia just started operation in Syria, the budget of a terrorist organization received about $ 50 million per month from Nefteprodukt in the country (in the year was about 3 billion dollars). In some periods, the amount reached $ 10 million dollars per day. Now the ISIS income from oil had dropped to 3-4 million dollars a month,” the article says Bondareva for “Russian newspaper”.

According to him, the financial damage has caused a serious problem with replenishment of military-technical and human resources, which is now faced by the militants.

“The Russian Armed forces are now implementing the final stage of the struggle, which began with the liberation of Raqqa – the unofficial capital of ISIS. It’s not only militarily and politically, but also psychologically important turning point. If the operation will be carried out according to plan, until the end of the year Syria will be completely cleansed from terrorists,” – said the Senator.

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