Moskalkova told how clean their energy body from debris

The Ombudsman of the Russian Federation Tatiana Moskalkova told me that annually is in the process of cleansing your energy body from the energy of the garbage.


Such statement as reports “Interfax”, the Ombudsman made to journalists at the conference “50 plus: all pluses of Mature age”.

It turned out that Moskalkova engaged in “cleansing the energy body by using a very simple exercises that allow energy waste to clean.” Specific procedures of public human rights defender not named.

However, according to her, she tries to “do good deeds, because this energy gives a new impulse for a useful and correct things.”

Moskalkova cares not only about your energy, but also about the physical body: to do this, she “in winter, walking barefoot in the snow, in summer in the dew” and pours cold water.

In addition, once a year it would be four days, “disconnected from power” and “cleanse the liver folk remedies”.

Recall that Moskalkova is a doctor in law and philosophy. Doctor of philosophy she was for the work “Culture of combating evil in the work of law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation: Socio-philosophical aspect”.

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