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Arrogant capital the center of attention naive provincial. Photo: Valery Myasnikov


We are interested, for we are of those who at the Vakhtangov theater, all know from childhood. We watch the show about our family, about our eternal companions. We are still sitting on the pot, and I already knew, as a yard boy frostbitten finger.

Him and hurt and funny,
And his mother threatens him in the window…

It was the boy from our yard; many Soviet people, probably, and died, without once thinking about what a slave boy, not a housemate. The boy did not suffer from Saltychikha, he played with the dog; a picture of his happy childhood were not associated with the horrors of serfdom.

Lithuanian Rimas Tuminas read “Onegin” as the first time. Like a child who mentally sees images when he read aloud.

Right pure perception were only children at the early childhood school has not gone. Once read to a child “Count Nulin”, where the heroine, bored, picks up a novel:

Natalia Pavlovna first
It read,
But soon somehow entertained
In front of the window resulting in a fight
Goat with dvorovoy dog
And it quietly began.

Five-year-old boy giggled.

What are you laughing at?
— I liked how she began to quietly fight with the goat and the dog.

He did not understand that she was looking out the window! He is judge for yourself: she left a boring book and ran out. In the yard — there is real life!

…Pushkin wrote the sisters characteristics.

Olga: Always cheerful as the morning.

Tatiana: dick, sad, silent.

How to play? Who will tell these things from the stage?

Tuminas made perfectly easy, simple. On the bench sit sedately parents — the couple Larin.

About Olga we are proud of, reports mother; and shows how happy she is that child. Now say that the presentation of the bride — good girl, affectionate, obedient; take it, you’ll like it.

Always modest, always obedient,
Always cheerful as the morning,
As the life of the poet is ingenuous,
How to kiss love cute.

About Tatiana says the father. In the novel it appears he died before the arrival of Onegin, to the events described. But it did not prevent anything, parents do not disappear, they look at children with portraits, and it is possible from heaven.

With chagrin and disappointment Dmitry Larin (from the world) is the public Tatyana — the ugly duckling: ugly, stale:

Nor the beauty of his sister,
Nor her rosy freshness
Not attracted she had eyes.
Dick, sad, silent,
As a deer forest fearful,
It is in the family their home
Girl seemed stranger.

“Girl seemed stranger” — we are all living these words were understood thus: it is different. Not like Olga, — not such as all.

But Chinna scene suddenly turns into a hooligan. The words “girl seemed stranger” long-dead husband, pursing his lips, turns his head and suspiciously looks at his widow. And it is immediately clear that during his life he looked on the wife: remember Grandison? Heavy, corrosive familiar look. Silent but sincere question: where is the work up? who to work up? And she is accustomed to with indignation and shame to raise the eyes to heaven: “Lord, for what I suffer, suffer for what?!” Scene so distinctive, and so accurate that in the audience laughter, applause, and only two elderly people sitting modestly on the bench and recite a textbook — like boring, long known, not funny.

Chet Larin talks about her daughters. To The Right Is Olga. Photo: Valery Myasnikov

Now I understand why Tatiana

Dick, sad, silent…
She did not know how to snuggle
To father nor to his mother.

And such views from infancy to catch? Of course, you digitize. And like to snuggle up “to the father” if it looks?.. To the public, there was no doubt that Olga fondled — almost on his knees do not sit down to Papa, and Tatiana standing lonely in the corner, with downcast eyes.

The death of the father of Tatiana first shown on stage. In the novel about him, just remember:

He was simple and kind gentleman

And here it is. Old, like the good (if not the look). And death picks him up in front of everyone. Death quietly approaches him from behind, from the black mirror of memory; takes hand and leads away from the scene. He’s still just rests, resists, he still hunt to live; that he looks at his wife and children, looking for salvation, but all eyes down. And he went out, all looking around: wants to remember the world.

Death came over the father of Tatiana. Photo: Valery Myasnikov

The translation of the text into the language of the scenes most exciting activity. Sorry, good translators are few, is not easy; the brightness of the text, the richness of detail does not help. Here’s Tatiana’s name day. They are described seems to be generous:

In front of a crush, the anxiety;
In the living room meeting new individuals,
The barking of pug tutting noise girls
Noise, laughter, a crush at the door,
Bowing, shuffling guests
Nurses screaming and crying children…

Detail: who came and what the names and manners, what they ate, what they drank, what game and how many times played, who, with whom and under what music is danced, but the solo there is only Monsieur Triquet.
Remember how he sings the verses in honor of the birthday girl? If you remember, then, confused the novel with the Opera. In Opera, Triquet sings, and in the novel Pushkin did not give him to open his mouth:

Svobodas from the tube wet
The bottle popped; wine
Hisses; and the posture is important
Verse tormented for a long time,
Triquet stands up; before him the Assembly
Keeps a deep silence.
Tatiana barely alive; Triquet,
Turning to her with a paper in his hand,
Sang false. POPs, clicks
He is greeted. It
Singer forced to sit;
The poet is a modest, though great,
Her health the first drink
And her verse conveys.

Says that sings, where’s the song? Don’t sing a single word! This Pushkin created the illusion. And if Triquet text is not present, and there is nothing for him to spend time. Lithuanian threw it away, reduced. In “Onegin” guests do not say, no. No dialogue, no replica, no GU-GU! Tuminas threw nurses and children, dogs and even couples, who in the Opera stupidly pounded on stage at the right moment to break out chorus: “Oh, what a scandal!”

But in the performance one line “Fuck the greetings, congratulations” turned into a huge — for 20 minutes! — wonderful funny scene. All the bridesmaids turns something sung in honor of the birthday girl. Each your verses, your romances. Each in his own manner. Each struggles: whether copies of grandma, or Auntie, or ever in the capital heard of the Italian Opera, or imagining it. The audience (at the Larins ‘ house) listens to each with enthusiasm, the audience (the Vakhtangov theatre) dying with laughter. But in vain! Girls-a talented, albeit hilarious, sitting on taburetka, try to behave decently.

At Tatiana’s name day. Congratulations girlfriend, and she’s waiting for someone. Photo: Valery Myasnikov

And copy-that was very certain. No TV, no radio; they even gramophones were not. They did everything themselves. Want music grab a guitar or sit down at the piano. I want to make a Daisy — take paints, cameras…

The only theater in town, and not in every. (Pushkin lived in St Michael’s for two years without music! And you are — at home, in the car, in the store, in a restaurant, at the airport — everywhere from it there is no salvation. And he has books and rare letters is all.)

And when in the wilderness, in the village claimed a new, alien — almost like a white man in the jungles of the Congo or the Mekong. Stare at him for him to trudge wherever we go.

No entertainment at the girls, only books and writing and French. (“Queen of spades” an old Countess amazed: “are there Russian novels?!”) Under the pillow they have deceptions Richardson, Mary Cotten, Julia kryudener — who are these Dontsovy, Akunin, then Marinini days? ‘God knows, gone, forever.

But fashion they were interested in passionately:

“Talia, how are you?” — Very low.
Almost here… for now.

Not wanting to tease the censored name parts of the body, Pushkin a genius — literally! — made a gesture.

…Surrounding girlfriend Tatiana, dying of curiosity, obaldia with delight and his heart stopping from involuntary illusory hopes go to the scene for Onegin; the stool of their own, they cuddle in the back, directly to the right place. This gait is clumsy, waddling like… well like a poultry yard. Accidentally? Or is it a mockery of the Director? Onegin just look back — they are already sitting. It just begins to turn his head to them — they sit; and their eyes, which he had back in the hole drilled already raised or lowered Dale, face dreamy, innocent eyes.

— — Are you crazy? — What happened? — Like what?! You then we slipped infinitely long review of the performance of 2013! With a delay of five years! But who knew that the case would take so long? I have already told you, Madame, that you now to read the novel began with the June radio 2011 — six years ago; and if the editors so long and patiently waited for you to wait do not have to — you I promises were not given any. In fact, it is necessary to consider, in 1980, just about the occupation nobody knew, and after 37 years — no joke. — They can foolishly call their concoction a novel, but a review of something what you put in here? — What? Not disappear as good. Of course, you’re right — I wanted to publish it the morning after the premiere, but by that time she was not yet written, have prevented the traditional booze; and in a week I wasn’t ready (I wanted to write better — not often the good fortune to write about the masterpiece); and then resigned: think: not printed in February and printed in March… That’s the way it went; and then the pursuit of timeliness has become altogether meaningless — decided: okay, we’ll put in Here… and put on your eyes. Long? — well, down the courses of speed reading. Because — fair warning — we have until the middle of the Vakhtangov performance is not reached. But even more upsetting to me another sad fact: mortality. See, if I had it all printed in 2013, I (potentially) would be 10 million readers more — so much for these lost years died Russian and Russian-speaking; and if you think how many people have left, how much I have lost the habit of reading in Russian language in the former Soviet Union and its satellites, but added the Diaspora… in Short, if you, Madam, give up reading this story, I don’t even notice the loss, so small your share (I wanted to say “insignificant”, but I thought that such a definition sounds too rude, and politeness is in our eyes because an indisputable virtue, isn’t it?).

…Murah!!! A shot rang out! We wince: what is it?! who?! to whom? But no one falls, and in the background behind the curtain is rolled a billiard ball — and understand that it is not the shot hit, and cue. Onegin plays. But we know the story, waiting for murder, and that our knowledge makes the crack of billiard balls — the sound of gunfire. (Opposite: cannon fire does not frighten us, if we know in advance that it’s a salute, not war.)


Here coarse salt secular anger
Began to perk up the conversation.

Eugene Onegin. Chapter VIII.

In the performance of Tuminas gives love in love with Lensky, Olga accordion. She loved it! Cuddle (like a child Teddy bear), runs with an accordion, jumps, rolls and something sweet squeaky begins to pick up — strumming with one finger — there is a wonderful Russian folk almost:

Ding-Ding-Ding, Ding-Ding-Ding!
The bell rings.
Ding-Ding-Ding, Ding-Ding-Ding!
About love says!

Olga Lensky gives the learning results. Photo: Valery Myasnikov

Accordion! It is so beautiful. Olga happy, and Lena is happy. Witty and brilliant theatrical (exactly in the style of Pushkin) solution! Said the same:

It from Germany foggy
Brought the fruits of learning

Here it is — luxurious sparkling mother of pearl fruit overseas scholarship. The audience and not think that it is an anachronism. Lena brought what in the early nineteenth century was not yet. Favorite trophy is the fruit of German scholarship in Soviet soldiers in 1945. Encyclopedia of Russian life.

…Then to my head — Lena wanted to show experienced your sweet friend. Onegin agreed: let’s go.

Go. —
Rode my friends,
Arrived; im bored
Sometimes heavy services
Welcoming of antiquity.
The rite is known to treat:
Are saucers of jam,
On the table put vasanai
Jug with cranberry water

Six lines “easily” turn into 15-minute (silent!) the scene of “guest”. Viktor Dobronravov — glazed ice-cold Onegin, gritting his teeth, endures torture: it pumped the damn cranberry water. Bring not even a mug for a mug, and pitcher after pitcher. He does not burst and compote, and anger? But it recouped on the way back. Poor Lensky! perhaps for the first time, he becomes the victim of friendly malice, vile character…

“What a stupid place!..
Fear that lingonberry water
I don’t do b damage.
Tell me: which is Tatyana?”
— Yes, the one that sad
And silent like Svetlana,
Came in and sat by the window. —
“Are you in love with the younger?”
— What? “I would have chosen another,
If I were you, the poet.
In terms of Olga’s life.
Exactly in Vandicholai Madonna:
Round, red face,
Like this stupid moon
This silly sky”.
Vladimir coldly answered
And after all the way was silent.

Three times in a row, “stupid” is a terrible nuisance foams and climbs out like a sour beer from the bottle throat. The whole evening stuck in a fooling around, and even watered not understand anything. — — There will have to briefly leave the ground and return to the novel, to the readers, reciters, and commentators.

The similarity between Onegin and Pushkin seen for a long time (this is common knowledge), and not for the first time here on this question. Remember the letter:

KN. Vera Vyazemskaya — P. A. Vyazemsky.
27 Jun 1824. Odessa
…Pushkin is too busy to do something else, but his Onegin, which, in my opinion, a young man of bad life, portrait and history which is partly due to schadstoffe with the author.

But the stupid comment about the moon we never met, although the moon is worth it. Here are two curious document.

Pushkin — kN. Faith Vjazemskaja
The end of October 1824. Mikhaylovskaya
…I think a clear sky would make me cry with rage, but thank God, the sky grey, and the moon is a fine turnip. What up to my neighbors, I had only to try to push them away from the beginning; they don’t bother me; I use they have a reputation for Onegin.

Normal for poets, the moon is more important than the sun and certainly infinitely more romantic; and then — a turnip! And don’t forget (then we can use it): Pushkin, in his own words, enjoys the reputation of neighbors Onegin. But before the release of the First chapters of print for another six months! and the reputation of this Onegin/Pushkin — the First Chapter is the most disgusting that can be in the eyes of decent family people.

The second document — the memories of Anna Kern (a wonderful moment, the genius of pure beauty, at the time married to a General, who is older than her 35 years and whom she likes and respects):

1825, summer, Trigorskoye
Pushkin joked without jokes and sarcasm, praised the moon, didn’t call her stupid, and said, “J’aime la lune, clair e quand elle un beau visage”. (
I love the moon when it illuminates a beautiful face. FR.)

NB! Ladies and gentlemen, if the person, love for Pushkin, notes in his memoirs that the poet in one beautiful summer night, being in a good mood, not call the moon stupid — so, it is usually exactly as it is called; otherwise, why would it be noted? Means that Onegin, returning from Larin, comments on the moon exactly as Pushkin, word for word. Moon them both in the throat (unless, of course, two of them).

“In terms Olga of life” is a nasty lie, insulting to Lena. In this case we no longer believe the parent said: “it is Always like the morning fun, always be sweet” — is a lifeless person can be nice?

“In terms of Olga’s no life” — but Tuminas brought to the stage Olga lively, cheerful, simple — around rejoicing, singing, and playing. And rightly so, she’s a puppy, she is 16. Onegin was right and not whine, he teases. This is a very professional secular anger; his frustration he vents on Lena.

He did not say: your Olga ugly. He compared it with Madonna by van Dyck (in the draft — with Rafaellai) — what is there to argue? What is there to be offended?

He did not say: your Olga fool. He compared her face with the moon. What could be more poetic?

The insult done masterfully. Onegin could say “as this wonderful moon,” “how this gentle, bright, magic…” Yeah, he said “stupid.” But it’s not about her, but about the moon. Onegin insulted so that will not carp. And Lena realized this:

Vladimir coldly answered
And after all the way was silent.

Said nothing, swallowed, although very short-tempered (each time you come across his name, remember that he’s 18). But the insult is made in secular. In the Eighth Chapter about a sneaky skill of intrigue and slander well said:

Here coarse salt secular anger
Began to perk up the conversation

Without the salt of anger and cursing them all fresh. — But Onegin Lena’s friend! — No more than Facebook; it Lena is suffering from boredom — as a kind of entertainment. Directly said: nothing to do friends.

What Lena offended — not surprising. And the famous readers, and famous artists and voice, and eyes show how Lena’s a shame that the face of the beloved has called lifeless and (indirectly) stupid.

Surprisingly quite different. And again, nobody, it seems, not seen, including the great commentators.

Scene return of the guests so brilliantly done that it would have to ride with the heroes. Slow motion replay of a beautiful goal, men is capable of a hundred times in a row to look at it, Madam. Attention!

Onegin’s first visit to the Larins. Friends spent the whole evening going back, talking.

Tell me: which is Tatyana?
— Yes, the one that sad
And silent like Svetlana,
Came in and sat by the window. —
“Are you in love with the younger?”
— What? “I would have chosen another,
If I were you, the poet.
In terms of Olga’s life.
Exactly in Vandicholai Madonna:
Round, red face,
As this silly moon…”

All County (including people’s artists of the USSR) start to take offense at the line “In terms Olga of life”, and “stupid moon” resentment comes to the stage of pre-loaded lip and nodules on the cheeks. But neither Lena did not think to take offense (or at least toropit) before.

Tell me: which is Tatyana? — A shocking question. He’s blind? How could he not understand who is who. There is not a swarm of buzzing, not the corps de ballet danced — fifty identical figures. It’s just two. And so different…

This is demonstrative arrogant feigned indifference is the beginning of bullying. Onegin teases. Can. He spent the night and, of course, seen with which of the two cooed to his young friend, which of the two purred. “Which Is Tatyana?” — so Olga for him, no one and nothing, and generally not much to look at. Same for Lensky and Olga — the sun. It turns out that Onegin saw the sun and the lamps, and now asks: the who?

Ska-Azi: kotoja Titan? — if it Suzuka, preceptiva, Lisp and drawl, asked the old Prince (see “uncle’s dream”) — perfect senile and ramulic — okay. But the young intelligent man spent the evening in the house where only two girls. “Which Is Tatyana?” — name, then remembered, and which one is not? They’re not identical twins. They’re radically different.

Naive Lena did not understand what a tease, and began innocently to explain, which, they say, pale, sat by the window… But Onegin realized that would not hurt the innocent, then we have to add to take salt larger.

Do you love less?

And the question of evil provocation; Onegin in advance knew that the man in love with the younger. Lena during the “friendship” all ears Onegin buzz about your subject matter, so Onegin finally got curious. He himself asked:

Oh, look, Lena; not eh
To see me Fillide this,
Subject and thoughts, and pen,
And tears, and rhymes, et cetera?

Hidden here plus brutal mockery also remained unnoticed. That Phyllida (the Princess of Greek myth) hung himself just because of a temporary separation from loved ones — rushed, did not wait. And “Phyllida this” (Olga of the Russian novel) is not hanged even due to the death of the bridegroom; on the contrary — does not wear boots, immediately jumped marry a Lancer… And so is this offense with Filledi struck dead Lena is not Onegin, and Pushkin.

Do you love less?

When this brazen question did not help, then it went in the course of a large salt — stupid moon. And all this layered persecution Pushkin took less than stanzas, 11 lines.

Lotman haven’t seen anything at all, and Nabokov about the line “Tell me: which is Tatyana?” wrote: “From this moment Tatyana is always present in the Third Chapter,” some sluggish pointless semolina.

Further, the commentators of the XX century explain Mandikova Madonna — about van Dyck, Vandyke, van Dyck and the Flemish school of painting. Coarse salt secular anger in vain.

But the famous commentator of the nineteenth century this scene was noticed and described. Quoted with delight:

The case brought Onegin with Lensky; Lensky Onegin is introduced to the family Larin. Returning home from them after the first visit, Onegin yawns; from his conversation with Lena, we learn that he took Tatiana for the bride of his friend, and, learning his mistake, surprised at his choice, saying that if he were a poet, I would go with Tatiana.

Without laughter it is impossible to read. Great Frantic Vissarion (Russian literary critic No. 1, natalcare in one sentence nine pronouns) did not understand the mockery, and looks even more naive than the young Lena. The style of this review Belinsky — standard trash like “All Russian classics in 20 minutes”:

“One evening, Lena is going to visit Larin. Onegin this pastime seems boring, but then he decides to join a friend to look at the object of his love. On the way back to Eugene candidly shares his impressions: Olga, in his view, ordinary, in place of the young poet, he would have chosen rather big sister”.

If this stuff is not in your child’s portfolio, look at — on all sites the same.

Alas, in the Vakhtangov play not disclosed the humiliating the meaning of the question “which is Tatyana?”. Although these words sound on stage, but in vain. Theatrical Lenski responds only to the stupid moon. Nothing, soon Onegin will take out his guts.

To be continued.

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