Patriarch Kirill has predicted the collapse of humanity due to technology development

The Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill on the opening of the XXI world Russian people’s Council on Wednesday said that “faith in technology today – the same, than was the faith in progress, is a kind of quasi-religion”. He also expressed concern that in the future, one part of humanity will be almost immortal, and representatives of the other would be slaves due to the development of medical and genetic technologies.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Patriarch Kirill noted in his speech that supposedly now there are voices that modern technology is able to create artificial intelligence and artificial organs, and soon will be upgraded so the human mind and body that there will be new creatures.

“The source of perfection is within man, not outside. All this leads in the direction of dehumanization, exaggerated individualisation, and hence the destruction of society and the end of history” – the TASS the words of the Patriarch.

Threat to humanity, the Patriarch is seen in the development of medical and genetic technologies.

“Futurists are already predicting the imminent stratification of mankind into two races. One foreshadowed the greatness of superhumans, and others – the fate of the subordinates”, – said the Patriarch.

He also suggested that representatives of the global elite dream due to the expensive technologies to gain almost immortality, but for the vast majority of people it would be impossible.

“It is necessary that the cutting edge of biotechnology, was primarily used to those who are willing to pay, and those who venture to leave the world too early,” – said the Patriarch.

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