“Scientists have discovered a secret room in the great pyramid

– In the pyramid of Cheops, scientists have discovered previously unknown secret room, reported Thursday in the journal Nature. The length of the room is at least 30 meters. It is located on a Large gallery, which is a narrow sloping corridor.

The discovery was made possible through the study of the pyramids with cosmic rays: scientists have used the technique of muon radiography (the study using muons is one type of elementary particle family of leptons), which allows you to visualize the voids in the pyramid, without penetrating into it.

Among scientists there is no information about what could be used that room.

The pyramid of Cheops created about 4.5 million years ago during the reign of the ancient Egyptian IV dynasty. It was erected by order of Pharaoh Khufu better known as Cheops. For a long time the pyramid remained the tallest man-made structure in the world: its height is 139 metres, and the width at the base is 250 m. great Pyramid of Giza located outside of Cairo. This is one of the largest and oldest historical monuments in the world, but still there is no consensus on how it was built.

How to specify N+1, inside the pyramid of Cheops today there are three burial chambers: the unfinished burial “pit”, “Camera king”, where you placed the empty granite sarcophagus, and the “Chamber of the Queen”. To the chamber of the Pharaoh mentioned leads a Large gallery – high sloping tunnel with a length of 46.6 meters.

The internal structure of the pyramid

Une cavité inconnue de 30 mètres de long découverte dans la pyramide de #Kheops par #ScanPyramids!!! @MehdiTayoubi https://t.co/WFy0qNsQzk

— Bernadette Arnaud (@NarudaaArnaud) 2 November 2017

Last year, archaeologists also said they have found two voids – one of them is located above the Large gallery and the other, called the Northern corridor, located above the modern entrance to the pyramid. However, some scholars have expressed doubts about the reliability of the findings, considering that some parts of the pyramid could be made from a different type of stones.

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