“Spain requested a European arrest warrant Pokdemon and his associates

The other nine councilors suspended the Catalan government earlier on Thursday appeared before the court

The former head of Catalonia Carles Pucemoose: Reuters

– The public Prosecutor of Spain on Thursday sought the extradition of European arrest warrants for the ousted head of Catalonia Carles Pokdemon and four of his associates, according to the Internet portal of the Spanish newspaper El Pais.

According to her, these five representatives of the former authorities of the Spanish Autonomous community located in Belgium. The lawyer Pokdemon stated that “the current climate does not favor the defendant appeared in court.”

The remaining nine councillors ousted the government of Catalonia on Thursday appeared before the court in Madrid. For eight of them the Spanish Prosecutor’s office has requested the National judicial Board of Spain the conclusion of pre-trial detention. Another former member of the regional government, Santi Vila, the Prosecutor’s office recommended to leave on freedom in exchange for a Deposit of 50 thousand euros.

The Prosecutor explained that Vila cooperating with the investigation and, in addition, has resigned from his post before the proclamation by the Parliament of Catalonia independence.

If the court in Spain at the request of the Prosecutor’s office will issue the European arrest warrant, he will return Pokdemon in Spain within 60 days of any EU country, including from Belgium, writes El Pais. Claims against Pokdemon took into consideration the Spanish Supreme court and the national judicial Board of Spain.

Earlier than November 1 of lawyer Pokdemon Floor, Bekaert stated that his client will not November 2 to attend the meeting of the National high court of Spain, where he was summoned to testify.

October 31 Pujdeme together with a number of former advisers, spoke at a press conference in Brussels. He stated that he has no plans to ask Belgium to grant him political asylum and expressed readiness together with his associates to return to Catalonia, provided that the Spanish government guarantees a fair and independent judicial process.

The Spanish crisis

Spain faced a political crisis after the Catalan referendum on independence, which was recognized as the official Madrid illegal. More than 90% of voters supported the independence of Catalonia. According to the organizers, the site came about 43% of the voting rights.

The Parliament of Catalonia voted for independence from Spain, but was later dismissed by the Spanish authorities, and Pujdeme dismissed. The Spanish government took over the management of Autonomous community. It is planned that the management of the Catalonia from Madrid will run until the December elections in the region.

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