“Spanish court arrested eight former members of the government of Catalonia

Against them were charged with mutiny and embezzlement of funds

Former members of the government of Catalonia before the hearing in a National court, collegiate: AP/TASS

– Judge of the National court of Spain Carmen Lamela on Thursday announced the decision, according to which the former Chairman of the Generalitat (Executive government) of Catalonia’s Oriol Junqueras and seven former advisers of the government should be detained, the newspaper El Pais.

According to the newspaper, against them were charged with mutiny and embezzlement of funds. Justification for the premises of the former officials of Catalonia into custody the possibility of their escaping and hiding from the Spanish justice.

A former adviser to the Catalan government, Santi Vila was released on bail.

Earlier today, the Spanish Prosecutor’s office appealed to the National judicial College, demanding the arrest of eight of the nine former members of the government of the region. Santi Vila in the Prosecutor’s office recommended the release on bail of 50 thousand euros, as he agreed to cooperate with the investigation and resigned from his post before the proclamation by the Parliament of Catalonia independence.

Subpoenas in the case of attempts to achieve independence from Spain was sent to the former head of the Generalitat de Carles Podemno and 13 former members of his government. Most of these people chose to appear in court: the exception is located in Belgium Pujdeme and four of his associates. In the latter respect, the public Prosecutor’s office of Spain today requested the issuance of the European arrest warrant.

The Spanish crisis

Spain faced a political crisis after the Catalan referendum on independence, which was recognized as the official Madrid illegal. More than 90% of voters supported the independence of Catalonia. According to the organizers, the site came about 43% of the voting rights.

The Parliament of Catalonia voted for independence from Spain, but was later dismissed by the Spanish authorities, and Pujdeme dismissed. The Spanish government took over the management of Autonomous community. It is planned that the management of the Catalonia from Madrid will run until the December elections in the region.

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