“The Russian foreign Ministry suggested the handicraft used in the Syrian Khan Zarina Sheyhun

– The sarin used for himataki in Syria Khan-Sheyhun, could be produced in the handicraft way, said the Director of the Department of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation on non-proliferation and arms control Mikhail Ulyanov.

“Where now does the sarin? The representative of the Ministry of industry and trade said that in principle we cannot exclude the possibility of artisanal production,” – said Ulyanov told reporters.

He noted that there are other versions of the origin of the toxic substance. In particular, suggested to the foreign Ministry, the precursor of the binary sarin munitions (DF_ which was to be destroyed an American ship, could be destroyed not to the end.

“Whether it was destroyed by this ship, or something left?(…) maybe something was selected as a token sample”, -said Ulyanov.

In October, Russia vetoed the US introduced a UN security Council resolution prolonging the CMP.

The UN experts also issued a report which laid the blame for the use of chemical weapons in Khan Sheyhun on the Syrian authorities. Manual CMP “confident that the Syrian Arab Republic bears responsibility for the use of sarin gas in Khan Sheyhun,” says the report. Later, the Russian foreign Ministry criticized the report of the OPCW on the chemical attack.

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