The Supreme court shocked the insurers that they can legally cheat

A clever way to save on insurance adopted by the owners. They buy a cheaper policy in the southern regions of the country. If they forget to tell the insurance agent that ride on a car plan in the North, where the “motor” is much more expensive. Civil case with this ingenious scheme was pending before the Supreme court.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As it became known “MK”, originally the intrigue spun in St. Petersburg, where a lady driver was issued a CTP policy. The insurance broker asked the lady, in which regions of the country, she plans to use the machine depends on the size of the award, which the motorist pays the insurer. The woman said that the ride will be in St. Petersburg and the surrounding area. As a result, annual policy cost her a minimal amount. Some time later, avtovladelets got in an accident; though not in the Northern capital, and in Murmansk. The culprit was recognized as the second party of the accident. The lady collected all the information and went for compensation to your insurance firm. At first, no problems arose: the clerks recognized the event insurance, but paid for a broken car a total of 19 thousand rubles. The mistress of the mangled car appealed to the independent expert who assessed the repair costs almost twice as much. With this conclusion, the woman went to court. But in the temple of justice, confident in his victory, the lady driver got a nasty surprise. At the meeting it was the lawyer from the insurance company and filed a counter claim about recognition void the policy. The lawyer stated that the client grossly violated the terms of the purchase CTP: verbally promised to travel within the region, but in fact turned out to be quite different. It turned out that the Murmansk (where, by the way, was prescribed to the plaintiff) insurers is considered one of the most expensive cities in the country due to frequent rain, snow and ice. As stated by the defendant, if the woman was telling the truth, her insurance would have cost twice as much. The first court sided with the injured in an accident, but the appeal gave the victory to the insurance company. The lady had to appeal an unfavorable decision to the Supreme court. To the surprise of insurers, the highest judge rendered a verdict in her favor. According to sun, the fact that the motorist did not tell the clerk at the insurance company about his desire to travel to the more dangerous region, not always speaks about the fictitious nature of the policy. The main thing here is to prove that the client lied or suppressed the truth intentionally. And it turned out to be extremely difficult to do. Because the clever car owner can always refer to their own forgetfulness.

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