A celebration of craftsmanship

11 medals, including 6 gold, at the most prestigious international championship for children, learning professions working: WorldSkills 2017 in Abu Dhabi. 58 students of Russian colleges who first took part in competitions in all 52 work the competencies stated in the contest. Only these achievements, according to Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, have become more accessible for the Russian system of secondary vocational training. But the main value of the movement WorldSkills Russia in the other. Thanks to him, after a couple of years to international standards, available so far only best of the best will pass the entire domestic system SPO.

Photo: worldskills.ru

Abu Dhabi met our team heat over 30 degrees and humidity in the bath. Were in the championship and others, not to say that pleasant surprises: shortening assignments, lack of materials or their sudden replacement. For example, had our carpenter to make a chest of drawers in walnut. Lo and behold — at the event, the organizers dragged him a billet of solid oak tool in store for nuts, not take. What am I supposed to do?

And how to be the contestant of workers with a worker who understands only Arabic, and by the time it goes on the poured concrete? The time allotted for the execution of tasks in General is extremely limited. And competitors are not asleep. So everywhere you look, everywhere stress… just like in real professional life, which prepared boys.

However, WorldSkills is not only the stress, but above all the occasion. The festival of power over the mysteries of the chosen craft, a feast of wonderful craftsmanship, are actually art.

Here in the ring barbers. What they do: cut, shave, way-off, paint the hair strands of hair. In their hands, all boils. And even the dummies over hairstyles which are future masters, smile


There are makeup artists, eyes turning an ordinary, but very pretty girls, real fairies. Makeup — enchanting, face and Shine! And there in the eyes of the dying with envy of the spectators to several lucky women are increasing their nails: the one closest to me, is sky blue with a delicate pattern. Would have looked and looked at this miracle.

But who is there in the next enclosure, was lying in bed? Yes this is a hospital patient with whom the nurse is engaged in the future: straightens the pillows, conducts physiotherapy and in the process persuades not to stay sick, to think, on the mend, and then slowly got to reshayutsya. Well, in a good way!

All these and many other wonders they do the older guys. However, there is in WorldSkills and glorious cohort of Junior participants aged 14-16 years.

— I participated in competitions in the skill “Mobile robotics” — told the “MK” one of them, Arseniy eighth-grader of the capital’s school № 1519. — Our mission is to build and debug robots, which have to sort and carry different items. Participation in WorldSkills gives us a huge experience of skill that all of us will definitely come in handy in the future. For example, I have firmly decided: I will do robotics!

Yes, the competition was difficult,— admitted “MK” joiner Vitaly.— But I did everything to the max. And so, as I did here, I never did! I tried really hard and learned a lot here!

Most notable in this statement is the word “here”. Because in many domestic colleges, has admitted the guys who came to meet them, Olga Golodets, to learn something new yet, alas, difficult.

— First you need to retrain teachers College — described the situation the chef Sergey Grren. — Then to replace obsolete equipment and learning materials: and that I, for example, studied the textbooks, 1983.

Said were not in vain.

— I beg you to describe all the pros and cons of our system SPO,— turned the conversation to a practical level Golodets.— And then we’ll discuss how to change it in accordance with your feedback. While on the most advanced standards of WorldSkills work about half of our colleges. But I think that in two or three years, we will translate them to our entire system of vocational education.

Doing this is the time. After all, “working today standing at the bench, creates the item manually and by programming— recalled “MK” Director of program “Young professionals” Agencies of strategic initiatives Dmitry Peskov.— In fact, he is a programmer! This means that the competence of work with artificial intelligence should be taught in College. I think that in five years we will see a mass release of such mid-level professionals”.

Another powerful incentive for radical change — the rapid development of technology, he said: “behind technological innovations immediately have a new mass profession associated with servicing this equipment. So it was with mobile phones. So it will be with artificial intelligence. And prepare people in advance is necessary to ensure the country’s competitiveness. WorldSkills in this regard is indispensable, because it is a movement like no other, knows how to quickly start a new direction! In colleges thanks to WorldSkills has already been a revolution: the decision on the replacement of traditional final exams demo, by world standards, and the victory in the championship WorldSkills is equivalent to the red diploma. WorldSkills is the heart, the main engine of the reform of the whole system of Russian secondary vocational education. And in fact — the mechanism of implementation of best world practices in the Russian economy!”

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