A source in the fire service: the Pushkin Museum could ignite

The chief engineer of the Museum complex of the Pushkin Museum Pushkin and the representatives of the administration of the Metropolitan area Khamovniki located in front of the Department of private collections in Volkhonka, 10 while working on the site of decommissioned fire the emergency services will allow to enter inside.

photo: Leo Speransky

It is known that the burning insulation under the metal roof of the building and the open fire area was small — mainly occurred corruption. In the report of the head of the operational headquarters on the site of the fire was that it is not excluded version of arson of a building. Official statements on this issue have not yet been.

The chief of staff also reported on a certain hole on the inner side of the building — there’s something broken. Then was instructed to work very carefully.

Still remain employees of the State fire supervision. The first in the building of the Department of private collections will include insurance investigators, and only then let go of the Museum staff and a representative of the district administration. At the same time to assess the damage caused by a fire.

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“Video from the fire at the Pushkin Museum: extinguished through the roof”


According to preliminary data, the fire was away from the premises, which houses the personal collections so that the exhibits should not have been affected by fire and partial collapse of the roof. Allowed inside when fighting got foam and water.

On the inner side of the building on Volkhonka is an information stand telling about the construction of the Museum quarter by 2025. According to the draft, next to the building of personal collections in the years 2017-2021 the planned construction of the Depository and restoration exhibition center.

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