“American senators demanded to interrogate the attorney General about trump’s ties with Russia

Several Democrats in the U.S. Senate made a request for re-examination of U.S. attorney General Jeff and Roman sessions due to the fact that, in their opinion, he had previously withheld information about trying to organize a meeting with Donald trump as a presidential candidate with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

During the election campaign sessions was a leading foreign policy adviser to trump. He in October this year, was questioned by the Legal Committee of the Senate on the alleged links of members of the electoral headquarters of trump with the Russian representatives.

Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy issued a statement in which he stressed that “sessions “will again personally appear before the Committee and under oath to explain why he could not give truthful testimony, to give full answers.”

Senator al Franken in a letter to the attorney General recalled that at the hearings in October, sessions said that such relations “were not, at least in my memory, and with me.”

The Senator wrote that the sessions “obviously not told the truth under oath”.

The reason for the requirements have become received senators leading the investigation “Russian trace” in the American election spectaculorum Robert Mueller’s statement to George Papadopoulos – adviser to trump in the election campaign – that he told his colleagues that “has ties that can help to organize a meeting with trump Putin.”

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