Because of the start of sales of iPhone X blocked Tverskaya

On Friday in Russia started selling the new iPhone X. At dawn many days frozen turn on Tverskaya street perked up in anticipation to get finally the coveted gadget for a chance to grab one of the first some paid a price comparable to the price of the new item.

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In the flagship store in the capital were allowed in small portions. First in the door missed the first 10 winners for this moment has been in the queue for several days, being on duty in shifts, fueled by Starbucks coffee and chicken snacks from the nearby food service.

Over the turn of autonomanus these days do not laugh just lazy. With blankets and folding chairs, ready to pay any money for a place in line closer to the coveted door. And even willing to pay a price comparable to the price of the iPhone to stood someone else. Judging by the ads on specialized sites, in the capital people are willing to risk health, and stand in the cold for hours and days for a few tens of thousands of rubles from the fans of the American brand. Thank you to the transporters, drove a bus, where it was possible to get warm.

Not amused Muscovites began on Friday morning that prevented pedestrians turn nervously seperepere feet in anticipation of the opening of the store. The situation escalated to the point that police had to put duty outfit and cut one of the bands on Tverskaya street, next to the store. This could not affect the traffic, already difficult in the area during morning rush hour. According to eyewitnesses, as a result, the tube was stretched to Belorusskiy railway station.

The first moment of sales of the iPhone X, in Moscow, on Tverskaya. #iphonex #startprog #hifonics #айфон10 #Moscow #Tver #.

Publication X from iPhone | iPhone 8 ( Nov 2 2017 10:11 PDT

Autonomanus is a little worried.

Thus in a press-service of traffic police in Moscow told RBC that no overlapping was not. In the traffic police said that shop around are just two of a tow truck and a patrol car.

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