“In Havana, said the lack of evidence “acoustic” attacks on U.S. diplomats

– The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Cuba, said that “there is absolutely no evidence” of evidence that U.S. diplomats in Cuba were subjected to the “acoustic attack”, reports the AP.

“In addition, there is no evidence that would confirm that health problems among American diplomats emerged after any attack made against them in Cuba,” said Cuban foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez.

According to him, Washington “deliberately lied” about these attacks in order to “worsen bilateral relations and destroy the progress that has been achieved” during the presidency of Barack Obama.

“Why all these cases were reported so late? After weeks and even months after they allegedly occurred? Symptoms employees are very different and they cannot be reduced to one reason. To date there is no technology for selective acoustic attacks against specific people – so that it is not involved”, – he noted.

The Cuban Minister urged the US “to stop politicising this issue.” He also criticized U.S. President Donald trump for his “repeated disrespectful and abusive statements against Cuba”.

Earlier, U.S. state Department reduced the number of employees in Havana, due to the fact that, on suspicion of the American experts, diplomats at the U.S. Embassy in Cuba was exposed to unknown devices that had a negative impact on health, particularly on hearing, vision and orientation in space. These symptoms were detected in 24 of the us diplomatic representative.

In mid-October, us President, trump publicly stated that he believes Cuba is “responsible for the attacks”.

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