In Moscow lit up the Department of personal collections of the Pushkin Museum

The building of the Department of personal collections of the State Pushkin Museum on Volkhonka caught fire in Moscow, media reported. According to the source TASS in the emergency services, burning the roof of the building at Volkhonka, 10. This is not the main building of the Pushkin Museum.

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According to Telegram channel Mash, the flame propagates, the white smoke changed to black. To the place of profit fire – 10 units. They opened the roof.

The source Agency “Interfax” tells that the fire originated in the ventilation system. He reports on the evacuation of 30 people.

On the Museum’s website notes that the main exposition of the building of private collections are now closed until 2019 – in a building being renovated.

The building of the Museum of private collections opened to the public in 2005, it is located right of the main building of the Pushkin. In its permanent exhibition was presented works of art from dozens of collections (including Sviatoslav Richter, Lobanov-Rostovsky, other famous collectors), icons, masterpieces of Russian painting and sculpture. The decision to close the main exhibition to 2019 was due to the fact that the building was partially used as a temporary storage facility of the Pushkin Museum. House Stulova, which is part of the Museum complex and previously occupied by the storage facility with more than one hundred thousand works of art, archival documents and library materials, is now in the process of restoration and reconstruction. In the building of the Museum of personal collections were transferred funds from five departments, including the Department of art of the old masters. The effects of fire can threaten unique artifacts.

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