In the Pushkin Museum. Pushkin may have burned sculpture: smells like a criminal case

By 15:45 the fire on the roof of the Department of private collections Pushkin Museum. Pushkin neutralized with large amounts of water. What was on the floor where the fire occurred, handle it on the spot correspondent “MK”.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

15:50. Near the Museum are on duty about 10 fire trucks and emergency situations. The Museum staff scared see all of Boston.

One of my colleagues says that “lit up a technical floor, where there was equipment and ventilation system. That is, maybe something with the wiring or there was a malfunction in bearings. But certainly not burned. There is a serious fire system. The smoke, which was not like the smoke from hot lubricants. The feeling that was burning wood.”

– Lit sculpture special Fund, confirms an employee of the Ministry.

– What is the Fund?

– He’s not in the Museum now.

What does that mean?

– There were displaced values.

16:00. Roof removed. The building is lavishly covered with water.

In the crowd among the staff heard suggestions that you can picture to fill in, and maybe the documentation of the Museum.

Someone responds that it is stored in metal boxes, and anything she was not hurt.

— Many of the employees after the closure of this building for reconstruction was not in it – speak to the crowd. — But I heard that now there and storage furniture, and vaults of antiquity. Antique lot has undergone over the last three thousand years.

In General, the deal is the Commission. And deal for the case, say in the MOE, apparently, smells like a criminal.

Help “MK”. In Department of personal collections holds more than 30 private collections. About 7,000 exhibits, including paintings, graphics and sculpture.

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