Media: actor Maryanov died because of the dangerous combination of drugs

In the popular Telegram-channel Mash, more details emerged about the causes of death of the actor Dmitry Marjanov. Argues that the cause of death was incorrectly assigned to treatment that did not consider the alleged artist bad habit.

Photo: a scene from the movie “Obsessed”.

Mash claims that a few weeks before the death of the Maryanov was drunk, as a result, because of the consumption of alcohol in large quantities, it thickens the blood. To improve the situation, it was reported that doctors prescribed to the patient blood thinning remedies.

However, earlier Marianowo was diagnosed with “thromboembolism” continues to Mash. In such disease the use of medications that prevent the thickening of blood can be dangerous and even fatal. It is argued that for this reason, and clot, which eventually killed the artist.

Earlier it was reported that Maranova was deep vein thrombophlebitis of the left lower leg and thromboembolism of inferior Vena cava, and the cause of death was called the wall rupture of the left common iliac vein. Officially, the investigation is considering two versions of the tragedy: the untimely arrival of emergency medical care and providing inadequate security services of the rehabilitation center, which was the Maryanov.

Interlocutors “MK” familiar with the situation, explaining possible reasons for the delay of calling a doctor to the dying patient. According to them, such private clinics are not medical institutions in nature and is not able to provide medical services in full. it concerns a complex story with a call “first aid” and delivery of the actor on the private car, it’s all fiction, I believe the sources. According to them, managers of such establishments fear the arrival of these doctors, as the main condition of work – anonymity. Perhaps when Marianowo became ill, he decided independently to bring to the hospital, and so was born the version of the deterioration of health in the country.

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Initially, in mass media there was some rebuttal from a number of friends and Marjanovi people who insisted that of any alcohol that was not treated. At the same time, other familiar with the artist people claim that the disease had taken place. So, the Olympic champion, figure skater Irina Lobacheva, held one time in a relationship with Martynovym, in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1” said that he would not have started a drinking problem, if their relationship is not destroyed. As reported on the channel’s website, the blame for the tragedy Lobacheva put on “the other woman”, who became the wife of actor.

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