Named the main reason of divorces

When it comes to divorce, the initiative is approximately twice more often comes from women than from men. Often women feel, you feel that the relationship had serious problems, while the man seems family life is quite harmonious. It is this difference in perception may cause the collapse of the couple, according to American experts from the University of Michigan.


Scientists for the past 16 years several times interviewed 355 couples, some of which during this time had decided to break off the relationship. The survey was conducted in the beginning of the study, then through 2, 3, 4, 7 and, finally, 16 years after that. In General, the divorce rate among the study participants was approximately the same as in the whole United States is about 40 percent, the authors of the study.

According to experts, it often turned out that the woman notices the growing tension in the relationship, while, from the point of view of her husband, nothing like this happens. The researchers note that similar studies carried out earlier, do not sufficiently take into account that the husband and wife may perceive their life together in completely different ways, so to understand the real situation, you need to be equally present as it is seen by each spouse.

Scientists suggest, in a situation when the wife sees some problems in the relationship, and the husband doesn’t share or doesn’t know about her fears, it precludes some way to correct their behavior, to address growing irritation. The researchers also do not exclude that some men tend to “idealize” their family relationships, especially the first time after marriage.

The study was published in the scientific journal Developmental Psychology.

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