Nutritionists: soda consumption is fraught with stroke

Sweetened carbonated drinks increase the likelihood of developing diabetes and heart disease, and stroke risk — even if it is just about a jar a week. To such conclusion the South African experts. According to them, the use of soda leads to an increase in blood pressure.


Scientists say that one bottle of fizzy drink with a volume of 0.33 liters contains about 14 grams of sugar more than a person should consume in a day. Thus, according to the researchers, the use of soda water may have more negative effects on the body, than the abuse of other overly sweet drinks.

The experts summarized the results of 36 previous studies on the effect of carbonated water on the human body. As a result, scientists came to the conclusion that even one can of this drink in a week leads to increased blood pressure and, consequently, a higher probability of developing cardiovascular disease.

Two cans per week, also increase the content of insulin in the human body, which increases the likelihood of developing diabetes of the second type. This results in a decrease in sensitivity to insulin observed if the person is drinking sweetened carbonated water for ten weeks.

The specialists say that the results are largely extended to those who consumed “diet” drinks — in particular, people who drank them were at higher risk of stroke than those who did not recognize sodas of any kind.

The study was published in the scientific Journal of the Endocrine Society. Scientists believe that information about the dangers of carbonated beverages should be distributed as much as possible.

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