People who were spanked parents often become alcoholics

Some perceive physical punishment as an essential element of education, but increasingly such practices are treated as unjustified violence against children by their own parents. Recently, experts from the University of Michigan received the results that can be considered an argument in favor of the second position: as it turned out, the people in childhood, often clapping parents, are more prone to depression, alcoholism and several other issues.


Experts have collected information about more than 8 300 Americans in age from 19 to 97 years. In particular, the scientists found, one of these people in the childhood were punished, implying the infliction of physical pain. Also, experts said, often in childhood study participants were insulted by their own parents and what kind of atmosphere generally prevailed in their family. As it turned out, in my childhood my parents spanked 55 percent of respondents.

It was clarified that under the “spanking” meant precisely the infliction of pain not to injure, but to “educate” a child. However, the results showed that these methods had a negative effect, even if not in physical, but in the future psychological health of children.

The study showed that children who were frequently spanked are more likely to grow up to be adults prone to depression, abuse alcohol or

The results of the study were published in the scientific journal Child Abuse & Neglect.

Strictly speaking, such studies do not always show exactly the causal link between the two phenomena. For example, in an alternative interpretation it is possible to Express the theory that children initially possessed those or other psychological problems often involuntarily withdrawn from the parents themselves, causing more of them clapped. However, experts believe that their study can serve as proof of the need to stop violence against children.

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