Russia changes the “afterlife” of the mod: no fences, fotoprint on the monument

Gravestones may soon completely disappear from the cemeteries of Russia, and the clearance of the churchyard becomes more vivid and colorful. According to employees of granite workshops, increasingly, their dead relatives, the Russians order a plate consisting of stones of different colors, and in place of the usual small black-and-white photos come in larger color images.

photo: Elizabeth Clasina

As suggested in an interview with “MK” experts funeral business, fotoprint on the monument, which often occupies a large part of the surface of the gravestone, in the near future, will replace traditional engraving. The perpetuation of loved ones in vivid the images became possible due to progress in the field of printing. On a special “printers” pattern is applied to the workpiece and then fix the varnish. This image should last for several decades and does not fade under the influence of external factors.

In addition, more “colored” steel and other decorations of the graves. For example, flower vases now are not one of the varieties of granite and of several different shades.

Vases made up of several stones, is a fresh solution, — says the Director of the workshop granite products Sergey Shuban. — This, however, comes much more expensive than standard vases because of the time spent on such work. But the demand for them is great, although adjusting it to the monument to the colored vase is hard enough. By the way, despite higher prices, about 20% of our business is to work on individual sketches. I would also note that the vase that is chosen by people from the standard line, vary greatly depending on the region. For example, in the Bryansk region hit records granite “tulips”, and in Moscow prefer more of a classic vase form — type cropped chess pawns.

Also, the experts funeral industry noted that wrought-iron fences around the graves have ceased to be in demand. Employees attribute this to the fact that more and more people are inclined in the direction of the cemeteries of the European type in which decided not to block their plots any iron goods.

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