Student massacre in College, left an explanatory note

During a search in apartment of student who stabbed his supervisor and the office safety one of the capital’s colleges, the police found a note. The last saved file was a document containing the last will of Andrew Emeliannikov and an explanation of his action.

As we found out “MK”, Andrew, killing a teacher and himself in Wednesday at the office of the Polytechnic College Guards on the street, left a farewell note — a message to his older brother Artyom. A text document of around 1.5 pages were found by militiamen during a search on 1 November in the apartment where the brothers lived. In addition to a computer police had seized the hard disk, the second telephone Andrew and flash card. Among the latest stored files in addition to links to online store where, as reported “MK”, the teenager chose the murder weapon, was this document.

As explained in police, 25-year-old brother Andrew, a message he did not expect from brother. According to him, such a recording could do only a person with a serious disorder, which is a very long time it properly concealed. The text of the note begins: “I left. Monitor and… (the following is a listing of accounts in online games, in the passage of which succeeded Andrew) leave you. With the computer figure it out. People — m… (more swearing), but mankind cannot live in peace with itself”. Next comes the text, which emelyannikov detailed and emotionally lurid than his disappointing adult world. The young man wrote that he was “raising” the routine did not suit him General way of life, existing in the society rules and familiar to many and offensive to him labour 5/2.

As reported a source in the investigation, in his explanation Artem told me that before the tragedy, the night before, he was home and acted like normal. The brothers had dinner together, talked about the weather and plans for the coming weekend. 18-year-old emelyannikov was planning to spend time at the computer. After a meal, Artem went to bed, and Andrew sat down to play on his usual position. According to his brother and mother, none of them knew that the guy the last two weeks of skipped College. Moreover, the questions about how he was doing and whether any assistance in the preparations for the session, the student answered, that all is well and he will prepare for exams by himself. Andrei’s mother Anna last time I saw my son on 29 October and explained to the police that she lived with the civil husband, and adult children came only on weekends. She trusted his sons and never saw them to have any kind of fanaticism for anything, aggression or conflict.

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Medication (dipyrone and citramon), which, as reported earlier, “MK”, was discovered in the belongings of Andrew at the scene, with her words, were always in the home medicine Cabinet and one of her sons didn’t suffer a headache. Most likely, he just carried these pills with me. As for the problems Emeliannikov in College, a woman told investigators that the last parent meeting was held in the beginning of my second year, last fall. It was led by the Deputy Director, and that in early November will be something like that, she knows nothing.

According to classmates of Andrew, his close companions, Daniel and Andrew, their friend read the book and even tried to get involved in philosophy, but soon abandoned to the writings about the Outlook, explaining that they write very simple things that were clear to the young men and so.

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