“The company Grishina sold is 2.1% Mail.ru for $150 million

Company Denholma Limited, representing the interests of the founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors Mail.ru Group Dmitry Grishin, on Thursday sold 4 million 717 thousand GDR Internet companies, which corresponds to 2.1% of capital Mail.ru.

According to the report Mail.ru the papers were placed at a price of $31.8 per receipt. The total cost of the package amounted to thus a little more than $150 million.

The placement price of the package Grishina was known in advance, it was announced by the organizer of the transaction was Goldman Sachs.

At the end of trading on the London stock exchange the price of one GDR Mail.ru totaled $31.6, a decrease of 2.32%.

After the sale of the GDR from Denholma remains 1.1 percent Mail.ru. In this package, as previously reported, will operate a three-month lock-up period.

The largest shareholder Mail.ru – MegaFon owns 15,2% of the capital and 63.8% of the vote, South African media company Naspers (through its subsidiary MIH) belongs of 27.55% of the capital and 12.2% of the vote. The third largest shareholder Mail.ru – Chinese Internet company Tencent, which owns of 7.37% of the capital and 3.27% of the vote.

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