The Ministry of education required not to talk about condoms in the classroom HIV prevention

Performers annual Internet-a lesson for HIV prevention, told “Kommersant” about his conflict with the Ministry of education and science officials have been warned not to tell the teenagers about contraception, replacing it with a discourse of morality.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As told responsible for an outdoor lesson, the group leader of non-profit organizations “Centre of modern educational technologies” Sergey Bulanov, a conflict arose at the meeting on 2 November, which was conducted by the Deputy Director of Department of state policy in the sphere of protection of children’s rights Ministry of education and science Larisa Falkowski. She demanded to write in advance and questions and answers for future participants of the lesson, as Bulanov refused to go.

In addition, at the same meeting, officials of the Ministry of education stated that the use of the word “condom” at the lesson is not valid, then further discussion was thwarted.

“We were recommended to talk about morality, to escape from the slippery,” he told Bulanov, explaining that the Ministry of education insists on the refusal to discuss issues of hygiene in favor of reasoning about morality.

While Bulanov said that 30% of HIV-positive women were infected from a single partner, and there are people with congenital HIV.

In the Ministry of education and science the situation refused to comment, while the Ministry of health explained that to him for advice my colleagues in the government have not addressed. In the end, the performers of the lesson intend to conduct it in accordance with their ideas and focusing on the recommendations of the Ministry of health, not the Ministry of education.

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