The sex scandal brought Kevin spacey to a hospital bed

Representative Kevin spacey stated that the actor is sent for treatment. Medical care the artist took after the three men spoke about the harassment on his part. It is unknown what the clinic spacey will depart from moral injury and to which specialists is going to appeal. What exactly brought the actor out of balance, is a mystery even to experts in the field of sexual psychology.

photo: Gennady Avramenko

– Now in USA in many States even allowed marriages between people of the same sex, explains sexologist Alexander Polev. – Especially in Hollywood, where coming out is no surprise. There is no pressure. Rather, I suspect, spacey felt a certain public reprimand for a relationship with a minor that gives a reason to blame others. In addition, it is possible that the state of pulled himself “out of the shadows”, which led to a General change in lifestyle and relationships with people. But to go to the clinic with these disorders is not necessary. If it is there, it is likely that he has a neurosis, which can happen to every person, regardless of orientation. As for Russia, here, of course, most homosexuals grew up living in fear and with huge pressure. By the way, interesting fact: in XVIII-XIX centuries gays from Europe, on the contrary, fled to Russia, as it had the most tolerant society. But since then, everything has changed dramatically.

Earlier, after reports Anthony RAPP about the connection with Kevin spacey when he was only 14 years old, Mexican actor Roberto Cavazos and American Director Tony Montan also stated about harassment by Hollywood stars. Note that the Anthony RAPP in an interview said that any claims to spacey is not an actor and have asked for his forgiveness.

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