“”Thor: Ragnarok”: The Apocalypse? Cool!

In the Russian rolling out the third movie about the God-Thunderer of the Marvel universe in which he loses his hair and hammer

Frame from the film “Thor: Ragnarok”Photo: official movie website

In the Russian rolling out the third movie about the God-Thunderer of the Marvel universe – “Thor: Ragnarok” – in which the heroes have traditionally prevented the end of the world.

“Asgard fell,” says the goddess of death hela (cate Blanchett), walking between the bodies of the defenders of the abode of the gods. Hela was released from prison after the death of the Supreme God Odin (Anthony Hopkins), part of her father. not knowing about its existence brothers Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Loki (Tom Hiddleston). Then she broke the hammer of Thor (to the great grief of the latter) and began to prepare for mass gains. To stop her and the end of all things – actually Ragnarok – and is about Thor, but while he’s stuck on a distant planet ruled by a local tyrant (Jeff Goldblum) is a fan of gladiatorial fights. Here with a less than pleasant circumstances, he meets his half-brother, a former warrior-Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) and friend from work (mark Ruffalo).

From new, 17-second film of the Marvel universe in the second place – after entertainment – waiting of fun and drive. New Zealand Director Taika, Waititi, before that shot hit independent film “What we do in the dark” (and played it one of the main roles), these hopes were justified. For daring fun on the screen works everything – installation, Immigrant Song from Led Zeppelin on the soundtrack, unrealistically bright, as if a cartoon location, but most importantly – the characters.

Waititi, have done the almost impossible: the dialogue in the film not just fill the voids between the spectacular fights (made in the aesthetics of comics scene with the Valkyries, for example, really impressive), but just as fascinating. The characters argue with each other, fall into a stupid situation, bustle, replay – in General acting like a varmint to the delight of the audience. The painting rests primarily on the charisma of Hemsworth and his relations with old friends with Hiddleston and Ruffalo, but also new heroes – first and foremost, Thompson (along with the above she forms the team, hmm “otomstila”) and Goldblum (which brings the eye with a blue pencil) is significantly adorn the franchise. This, unfortunately, cannot be said about Blanchett, who is able to decorate any film, but here just goes with awesome look and throws pathetic replica.

New “Thor” is a solid waste (hinting at and acid colors), merry dance of death, an endless feast, which about something think only to a second later to continue the fun.

From the same stems and lack of discipline in the development of the action, but what a fun party need a coherent plot? In “Torah” a lot of absurdities (like Idris Elba in the role of a partisan with a sword) and small stupid things, but that’s not important. Important gags and funny references to other Marvel movies, the rage and excitement of the heroes who are not afraid to destroy the very foundations of this world.

The next picture is a Marvel, where all the characters of the universe will unite to fight the terrible (the worst) evil, called “infinity War” – it seems that so many need to enjoy this movie if it is filmed with the same audacity that “Thor”.

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