Why you need to regularly pour the alcohol into the gas tank

If you ignore the presence of water in the gas tank, and some amount of it there is always one moment may freeze the fuel system of the car. Is it possible to prevent the emergence of this problem?

photo: Kirill Iskoldsky

Water gets into the fuel tank regularly, though in small amounts, but always together with air at the gas station, for example. When temperature drops it condenseries and is in the fuel. Especially intensively this process is in the off-season, in rainy weather, with periodic transitions of air temperature through the zero mark. The result could be the emergence of a layer of water at the bottom of the fuel tank. Since the fuel pump draws the gasoline or diesel fuel that is close to the bottom, the water in its trunk is more than probable. There in winter it may well freeze, and the motor stops. What to do to prevent this kind of problem? Since water is not miscible with gasoline and diesel fuel, it is necessary somehow to force to do it. Then it can be safely sucked into the engine and ultimately thrown out through the exhaust pipe.

The obvious way out is to run to the store and buy some miraculous chemistry, the label on the bottle which promises a guaranteed expulsion of the water from the fuel system. In practice, it turns out that the vast majority of this kind of proprietary funds intended for preventive use, as with a standard 500-ml (for example) vials similar chemistry can be “cast out” not more than a couple of hundred grams of water.

If the tank splashing at least a couple of liters of “al-two-Oh”, when buying a vehicle, you get rich trading point. On the Internet Dating tips to use for flushing the fuel system from water and ice acetone. However, experts of a portal “Avtosklad” to do this extremely is not recommended: it will not only dissolve the perennial deposits on the bottom of the tank and the walls of the fuel lines, which will clog the nozzles, but also will dissolve rubber and plastic, present in the design for the fuel lines. Good mixes water with gasoline isopropyl alcohol. But it is quite difficult to find on sale. Therefore, the best and budget way to remove the water from the tank can be considered to be ethyl alcohol.

Note that pouring vodka in the fuel tank exactly meaningless — will only increase the amount of water in it. Dissolve water and mix it with gasoline only almost pure alcohol, such as 95 percent medical. It, if you want, you can buy for 1000 rubles for 5-liter canister. Empirically established that to guarantee the removal of 0.5 liter of water from a tank requires about 1.5 liters of rubbing alcohol. Therefore, in anticipation of winter, if you suspect the presence of water in the fuel system, it is very useful to pour a couple of liters of ethyl alcohol and immediately after that fill half a tank of fuel at filling stations. After that, it is very desirable to go on a long trip, to immediately “burn” is mixed due to the road shaking a mixture of water, alcohol and gasoline. Such a concentration of alcohol in the fuel is completely harmless to the motor, and such operation can be repeated many times.

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