“British MP was suspended from work for frivolous messages to the companion

– The British labour party was suspended in the party’s 76-year-old member of Parliament Kelvin Hopkins due to the fact that he sent messages to the frivolous nature of his 27-year-old companion in the party hail Eramajade, writes in the Friday newspaper The Daily Telegraph.

This decision led also to the fact that suspended, and membership to Parliament.

According to Eramajade, she received a TEXT message in which he called her “pretty young woman”, “attractive” and noted that “fortunate is the young man whose girlfriend and sweetheart you will.”

“If I were young…” – said the man.

According to the representative of the British labour party, currently the party examines these allegations and began an internal investigation.

Earlier this week, the defense Minister of Britain sir Michael Fallon has resigned in connection with the situation around the scandal with the journalist Julia Hartley. He admitted that he behaved inappropriately with her at the Conservative party conference in 2002, touching his hands to her knees.

Fallon apologized to it. In turn, Hartley said that he was shocked by his decision to leave the post of Minister of defense and absolutely not expected. She also expressed the opinion that the reason for his resignation in fact, may not be in the scandal.

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