“Completed the construction of “Turkish stream” on the Russian territory

The pipeline was included in the exclusive economic zone of Turkey

Photo courtesy of the press service of South Stream Transport BV

The first string of the offshore gas pipeline “Turkish stream” was included in the Exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of Turkey, is spoken in the message of project construction.

Pioneering Spirit, world’s largest pipe-laying and construction vessel noted this event, putting it in the sea, the pipe sections with the Russian and Turkish flag, symbolizing the crossing of the border of the EEZ between the two countries.

Crossing the border also marks the end of construction of the offshore sections of the two threads in the Russian EEZ. In total were laid 448 kilometers by two threads of the pipeline. Less than 6 months, we have built nearly 25% of the offshore section. This corresponds to the planned schedule of construction.

It is expected that the transportation of gas “Turkish stream” will begin in December 2019.

The date of construction of the offshore section of the highway, was on 7 may – the beginning of laying in the shallow waters of the Black sea ship company Allseas Audacia.

The ship Pioneering Spirit laid one strand to the border with the EEZ, and then returned to Anapa to start deep-water laying of the second line. Another vessel Allseas – Audacia – at the end of July, completed the laying of both lines in shallow water. Due to the chosen order of laying was able to complete the main pipe-laying work on the sea area in the Russian EEZ in the course of one campaign.

Now, the Pioneering Spirit will continue laying one leg to the plot landfall in Turkey. Both lines of the “Turkish stream” will be released to land near the Turkish village Kyukei, located approximately 100 km West of Istanbul.

Sea gas pipeline “Turkish stream” consists of two threads. Each string may provide for the transportation of natural gas in the amount of up to 15.75 billion cubic meters (31.5 billion cubic meters). The length of the offshore section is approximately 930 kilometers. The pipeline runs under the Black sea from the Russian Anapa to the Turkish settlement Kyukei. The gas supplied through line, intended for the Turkish market. The second leg will take place towards the borders of Turkey with the EU. The deepest part of the route of the “Turkish stream” in the Black sea is located at around 2200 meters.

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