Europa League: why “Zenit” and “Lokomotiv” did not benefit Russia

In the Europa League was already 4-th round. Izbalovana Russian fans “the locomotive” and “Zenith” – the leaders of the Premier League – this time gave a far better matches. So, Petersburgers in the last seconds escaped defeat in the meeting with Rosenborg (1:1), and “railroad” is on your field, taking the lead, lost far from stellar Moldavian “the Sheriff” (1:2).

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

In what is sure “Zenit”?

What’s going on with Zenit? Long bench: five Argentines, three of whom play for the national team of his country, and the other two on the pencil Jorge Sampaoli, one of the best Russian forwards (how things change!) Alexander Kokorin, and indeed a wonderful composition; the new stadium, a great support group. Experienced and ambitious coach Roberto Mancini, who started for health, last time continues more and more “for the dead”. Four matches in the Premier League without a win. Two hurtful home defeat 0:1 from the Tula Arsenal and 0:3 from “Locomotive”: it is unknown which is worse. Pile up two draws: one of the outsiders of the championship of Russia “Anzhi” (2:2) and arch-rivals CSKA (0:0).

The only escape was the Europa League, in which the St. Petersburg club feel master of the situation. But where thin, there and tear.

Praise “Zenit” in the match against Norwegians, in fact, not at all. The lack of interaction was evident the entire game. If the players met yesterday at the Nevsky Prospekt and decided to go to Trondheim, to drive the ball with anyone. The marriage programs, slurred transition from defence to attack, cross the passes. If Rosenborg and were afraid of “Zenit”, looking at price tags on the Internet and remembering the magician emiliano Rigoni with “m”, then at the end of the first half, all fear evaporated. Before the Norwegians were ordinary people, and, it seems, immersed in their own problems.

Ten minutes after the start of the second half of the match Zenit Micah Mevla laid out on the lawn in his own penalty area striker Norwegians Samuel Adegbenro. To the penalty mark came Nicklas Bendtner opened the scoring and Andrei Lunev. Ended a nervous, began to hurry, and yet without it the game is they had ripped. At the end of the match “Zenit” is simply “loaded” into the penalty opponent, and in the 90th minute the ball from Artem Dzuba, which Mancini released for a few moments before, flew into the net, but the goal was canceled for offside.

Norwegian side Rosenborg, like all Scandinavian teams, not timid. To continue struggle for an exit from group “small trolls” needed a win, and they almost got it. The only thing that Norwegians have not developed to cope with the factor “Kokorin-2017” at the last minute of added time, the striker equalized with the filing of an evil genius Rosenborg Rigoni. All in the best traditions of the genre.

Zenit remain top of the group. To back real Sociedad, once again big beat Vardar. But the playoffs Zenit already guaranteed.

Read online broadcast of the match: Zenit played a draw with Rosenborg in the Europa League match

In the “Locomotive” ended with the coal?

Yuri Semin did not invent the wheel for “Sheriff”, and he played exactly the same as in the last two rounds of the championship of Russia. The same players that won “Krasnodar” and smashed “Zenit” came out with the first minute at the stadium in Cherkizovo. Apparently, Yuri Pavlovich used folk wisdom – from good deed goes unpunished. Though, perhaps, just the depth of the composition is not enough. A motivated opponent won willed victory over the “Locomotive” – 2:1.

Despite the fact that the coach of “Sheriff” Roberto Bordin has changed the scheme from the last match with Lokomotiv swiatkowska from 4-3-3 on 5-3-2, where the last defenders roam the entire sideline, Moldovans sit in the defense clearly did not intend.

Yuri Pavlovich conservative not from idleness, problems with the rotation enough. He picked up the glove thrown by the coach of “Sheriff” and agreed to a two-edged game. The scheme 4-5-1 showed their best side in past meetings. Were beaten “Krasnodar” and “Zenith”, but force yourself to call humble from Transnistria with the St. Petersburg millionaires “Locomotive” seems to have failed. In addition, the factor of physical fatigue. In fact, in the cage, Semin only 16 players, with whom he has to tack on all fronts.

The coal in the furnace of a steam locomotive finally ended after injury Marinato Guilherme on the half-hour game. Forced substitution the goalkeeper may further he gets into the masters. Prior to this, the audience saw a goal by Jefferson Farfan in the middle of the first half when from an acute angle the striker drove the ball into the near corner. The same number Farfan tried to turn a few minutes later, but goalkeeper Moldovans second time to goof did not want to.

Guests also attacked, and diverse, particularly through the flanks: by the end of the first half filed six corner. After conceded goal Sheriff has concentrated more, felt that the opponents were not as strong as he thinks, and at the end of the first half scored two goals. One goal the referee quite rightly disallowed because of the play of the hand, but the guests for this incident, apparently, only fueled, and after a few minutes of Badibanga repeated the action farfán, breaking just (even bounced off the post) in the near corner by Nikita Medvedev.

The second half is logically extended the first. If there was intermission. Attack of “Sheriff” were in non-stop mode. Moldovans looked fervently academic Russians, who, it seemed, hoped to win the class without effort. Second, he’s winning the ball Brezovica the situation has not changed. If another goal would have happened, it is only against the hosts. There was a feeling, especially in the last twenty minutes that Lokomotiv just emasculated both physically and emotionally.

Read online broadcast of the meeting: “the locomotive” has lost to “Sheriff” in Europa League

In a parallel match of group F københavn defeated “Zlin” 3:0 and sent Lokomotiv to third place. Spring a continuation of the European Cup for the railroad is still possible – you need to win the remaining games. But enough force, and most importantly – fuse?

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