“Hollywood studios engaged in the creation of the series on the “Lord of the rings”

Studio Warner Bros. Television, the owners of copyright in works of John RR Tolkien and Amazon Studios are in talks to create TV series based on the famous novel by the writer “the Lord of the rings”, according to The Variety, citing sources. While this project is at an early stage of development and no date was announced.

According to journalists, the head of Amazon Jeff Bezos is personally interested in the success of the proposed adaptation, as he is a fan of the fantasy genre. However, says Tha Variety, now is not the moment for a large scale project, given the recent removal of heads of departments of the Amazon, including head of television and film studios, Amazon Studios Roy price, in connection with allegations of harassment.

Interest in the series by Tolkien fit into the new way of Amazon, which intends to move away from niche sitcoms and to tackle larger scale projects that will be of interest to a wider, perhaps international audience.

The Involvement Of Warner Bros. means the warming of relations between the Studio and the rights holders who only this year settled a long legal dispute on the subject of the rights on the characters of Tolkien and using them in online slot machines. That Is Warner Bros. produced the films of Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the rings” and “Hobbit”.

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