“Russia has imposed retaliatory sanctions against Canada

Entry to RF prohibited dozens of “Russophobic sentiment” of canadian citizens

– The Russian authorities decided to ban entry into the country a number of figures in response to the introduction of the canadian leadership of the new anti-Russian sanctions, said Friday the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“We have repeatedly warned canadian authorities against attempts to assist the sanctions pressure on Russia, warning that such actions unanswered will remain. Unfortunately, the official Ottawa under the pretext of the recently adopted anti-Russian “law Magnitsky” once again imposed restrictions in relation to our citizens”, – stated in the commentary official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry issued on Friday.

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“We have to act in a mirror. Based on the principle of reciprocity, the decision to close the entrance to the Russian Federation a number of canadian leaders. The list is long, it has dozens of names. We are talking about those Russophobic minded citizens of Canada, who are systematically engaged in the destruction of bilateral relations”, – emphasized in the comments.

According to the official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs, “the question is: is what wanted in Ottawa? Is there really think that Russia can “push”? “Or just entertain your political ambitions?”.

“If the canadian partners like to play in the sanctions game, will be forced to respond. Although we are, of course, preferred path of constructive engagement on issues important to the peoples of both countries. We hope that the political circles in Canada comes enlightenment and they will abandon the disastrous course, leading to further deterioration of bilateral relations,” – said in comments.

Previously, the government of Canada introduced personal sanctions against the 52 foreigners, including 30 citizens of the Russian Federation, which, in the opinion of Ottawa, involved in human rights violations or corruption. All of these individuals ‘ assets are frozen, and they themselves are denied entry to the territory of Canada.

Sanctions were imposed in accordance with the recently adopted in Canada, the “law on victims of corrupt foreign governments”, which is called the local equivalent of the American “Magnitsky act”. Restrictions on Russians associated with the death in prison of the employee of Fund Hermitage Capital of Sergei Magnitsky. Among them was the head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin, a former Deputy Minister of internal Affairs Alexey Anichin, Alexei Droganov, Alexander GAUS and others.

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