The FAS called the date of resumption of sale of tickets in economy class

The website of the Federal Antimonopoly service has named the date when to resume the sale of tickets in couchette and General cars in 2018. Earlier, the JSC “Russian Railways” declared that sales of this category of tickets for trains departing from January 1 are suspended.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

The Federal Antimonopoly service of Russia promised to develop a consolidated position on the question of tariffs for transportations in couchette and General cars in 2018. After that, consultations will be held with the government and Antimonopoly service will make a weighted decision on this issue that the sale of tickets began in statutory terms, according to the website of the FAS.

“In accordance with the rules of carriage of passengers by railway transport, the carrier must begin selling tickets not later than 45 days before departure. Selling tickets for 1 January 2018 should be opened not later than November 16,” – noted in the message.

Earlier, JSC “RZD” from Friday, 3 November, stopped the sale of tickets in couchette and General cars of trains departing from January 1, due to the lack of the FAS decision on tariffs.

Experts have criticized this decision, linking it with the reluctance of the Railways to cut ticket prices in this category, which previously required FAS.

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