The garbage of national unity: in the holiday region residents blocked the Federal highway

The day of national unity and the resurrection district of Moscow region was marked by disunity: the residents of several villages blocked the Federal highway M5 (Novoryazanskoye highway), making his own compatriots for hours “sunbathing” in traffic. The reason is the threat of construction in the village of Vistarino incinerator. Which, by the way, waiting for the people of the whole number of districts of the Moscow region. Also full of Russians.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

How many times told the world: “Zebra” on the highways up to no good arguments! In this case, on the ground the pedestrian crossing at the village Stepanshina residents of Voskresensk district was able to block the road. They are simply – completely legal! – went solid formation across the road, back and forth. And the vehicle was not push people!

To politely, but steadily to push people off the road and clear the traffic, the police took about half an hour. During this time, on the Federal highway connecting Moscow, Ryazan and Volga region, gathered tube length of approximately three kilometers. Even three hours after the beginning of the action it maps is still “red”.

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– I was present at this action, – has told “MK” the ecologist from the city of Voskresensk Alex holkin. – People are just at a pedestrian crossing moved back and forth, resulting in stopped traffic on the Federal highway M5. The reason for the chaos that’s going on: the resurrection district wants to build an incinerator. And the locals are tired of the cynicism of the authorities.

We will remind that in Moscow on the Federal project “Pure country”, the planned construction of four large waste incinerators. One of them is scheduled to appear here at the village of Vistarino. But this project – as in almost any case, whenever any lay incinerator – met furious resistance of the local residents.

Among the people crossing the M5 – not only the residents of Swithin, but also other settlements located in radius of one and a half kilometers from the place where the planned construction of the plant. It Stepanshina, Setovka, Shkin, the Prussians, Sapronov Andreevskoe and other villages and towns. The thing is that this place is almost the last green area quite dirty in an environmental sense, Voskresensky district.

– There is as yet no polluting enterprises, – says Alexey holkin. – Only fields, villages, suburban cooperatives. Here many years ago gave plots of Chernobyl, to this day give large families. Large here 250 families, each on average 5 people – that is over 1,000 people here improve their health. War veterans also rest here. Not in the industrial area to give plots to stay!

No wonder, therefore, that all public hearing at which residents of the area tried to “sell” the project, ended in scandal. But not the cancellation of the project: investors (a “garbage project” in charge of Federal-level Corporation “rostec”) yet insist on. Calm the public, talking about the environmental safety of the incineration plant about modern technology.

Not in my yard

But investors, of course, public men do not believe. Among other things, they believe, for example, that next to the plant to “settle” the ground is a toxic waste dump. “They deny it, but the slag, the products of combustion need to be put somewhere! – proves Alex holkin. – It is unlikely that the investor will be at a loss to carry the ash over tens of kilometers…”

From the point of view of science and technology one can argue about the most efficient method of recycling, offering various sorting technologies. But the residents Swithin and the surrounding area and iron logic is simple: we are citizens, we have a constitutional right to a favourable environment (article 42 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation). And we don’t want any plants in his backyard.

– Residents were not asked in the problem. – hot Alex kholkin, one of the main focal points of the struggle with the plant in Swithin. – At the hearing, bring any foreign students with rabid eyes that you vote “for”. People, understandably, shocked by this! With this approach to the people we have to think ten times before agreeing on something, not invented by us!

Similarly developed a few years ago, the events in Franova (North-East of the Moscow region), where it was planned the construction of a large waste processing plant. In 2012, the project faced fierce resistance from the residents, stalled, and this 2017, it became known that a similar site is planned nearby in the Kirzhach district of the Vladimir region. Vranovci, however, continue to struggle: from their sites this future plant is close enough.

– A similar phenomenon is well studied in world practice of town planning, road construction and infrastructure development, – told the correspondent of “MK” Director of the Institute for transport Economics and transport policy, Higher school of Economics Mikhail Blinkin. It is called NIMBY – Not In My Backyard, and in Russian – “where you want, just not in my yard”. The point is simple: no one ever wants to need, but “dirty” projects took place on their land. The consent of residents on such projects everywhere and always have to buy those or other bonuses. Well, or ignore the protests, as often happens, for example, in China.

Not to agree

Right here – in the suburbs – and now the interests of the residents of the Voskresensky district is actually opposed to the interests of the inhabitants of Balashikha, Reutov, Railway. For several weeks closed landfill in Kuchine, where he now works on conservation, Napanee the surrounding area suffocating smell of hydrogen sulfide (the content in air of harmful impurities left wondering: structure of the Moscow region avoid carrying out check). The elimination of the landfill the residents of these areas sought for many years – helped only the direct intervention of President Vladimir Putin during a hot line with citizens of the country this spring.

The faster you build a new incinerator (or better – waste recycling but the sorting of waste for recycling – a separate issue) factories in the suburbs, the sooner will the “gas attack” in the East of Moscow and the region. But at the same time – the faster you build a plant, the more likely poorer (in money and in health) residents of the Voskresensky district. It is significant that this conflict comes out in Day of national unity. The idea is that the moderator in this challenge in the name of civil peace should serve the state – no one else. But the government people do not trust.

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