“The Russian Embassy in Ottawa called the canadian sanctions senseless and unseemly

– Sanctions Canada against Russia are senseless and unseemly, said the press Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Ottawa Kirill Kalinin.

“The decision of Canada on the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions under the false pretext of the hypocritical promotion of human rights is pointless and unseemly,” – said in comments released on Saturday.

According to him, “the decision (Canada – if) isolate themselves from one of the world’s key powers to meet Russophobic lobby, (…) returns the foreign policy of Canada to narrow the black-white perception of the world that does not conform to modern geopolitics”.

Kalinin also said that “in the case of new sanctions, the answer is inevitable and mutual”.

Previously, the government of Canada has decided to impose sanctions against the 52 foreigners, including 30 citizens of Russia. “The sanctions are directed against individuals, which, in the opinion of the government of Canada, are responsible or involved in serious violations of internationally recognized human rights or in acts of massive corruption,” – said in a press release on the website of the canadian government.

In turn, the Russian authorities have banned entry to the territory of the country a number of figures in response to new anti-Russian sanctions. “We have to act in a mirror. Based on the principle of reciprocity, the decision to close the entrance to the Russian Federation a number of canadian leaders. The list is long, it has dozens of names. We are talking about those Russophobic minded citizens of Canada, who are systematically engaged in the destruction of bilateral relations”, – said official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

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