“FAS does not see obstacles to the sale of tickets in economy class for 2018

The regulator has threatened Russian sanctions if selling cheap tickets will not resume

Photo: TASS, Peter Kovalev

– Impediments to the sale of tickets in couchette and General cars of trains of distant following does not currently exist, said the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) of the Russian Federation.

On Friday evening “Russian Railways” reported that the sale of tickets in couchette and General cars of trains of distant following FPC’s administration from 1 January 2018 suspended since November 3, “in the absence of regulator decisions on tariffs for the next year.” To resume the monopoly promised “immediately after the adoption of the relevant decisions”. Earlier it became known that the regulator insists on decrease in tariffs in the reserved seat in 2018 by 10%, while the Railways have proposed to increase them by 3.9%. While in Friday’s message, the company emphasized that with the end of 2016, the carrier introduced the opportunity to purchase tickets 60 days before departure.

In Russia04 Nov 2017ФАС announced the resumption of sales of tickets to reserved seats in 2018 to 16 nebracetam read more

“In accordance with the order of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation of 19 December 2013, the sale of tickets for long-distance trains must be made at least 45 days before the departure of trains,” – emphasizes the regulator. The law prohibits entities occupying in the market a dominant position, make decisions prejudicial to the interests of consumers, including the “withdrawal of (service if) out of circulation” and “economically or technologically unjustified refusal from conclusion of the contract”, adds the Agency.

“If selling cheap tickets will not resume before that date, FAS can make a case for violation of part 1 article 10 of the Law on protection of competition. ( … ) notes the competition authority. – This article provides for sanctions in the form of the reverse of a fine and disqualification of the head of the organization that violated the law.”

“The whole regulatory framework exists. In the absence of decisions on the indexation of tariffs for 2018 carriers should be guided by existing orders. This is the order of the FAS dated 23 December 2016 and the order of the Federal tariff service of the Russian Federation of 27 July 2010,” he says.

Also in your message of the Federal Antimonopoly service has specified that the decision on the level of indexation of tariffs for 2018 pending on the initiative of the Ministry of transport. According to FAS, the issue will be considered at the meeting of the government, scheduled for November 10.

Meanwhile, on Saturday afternoon, the regulator said it expects to resume sales of tickets in couchette and General cars of trains of distant following in Russia for 2018, not later than November 16. “The Ministry of transport jointly with the FAS will develop a consolidated position on the issue of tariffs setting (such – if) transportation. After that the Antimonopoly service in coordination with the Russian government takes the necessary decisions on this issue, for the opening of sales of tickets in the terms established by the legislation”, – said the Agency.

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