“At the European gas conference called by the ugliness of US sanctions against Russia

The company Engie stated that American intervention in energy policy in Europe will lead to higher gas prices

Photo: panthermedia/vostock-photo

The law, passed by the U.S. Congress in August 2017, against the construction of facilities for the export of gas from Russia will lead to growth of prices for gas in Europe, said the Director of the French company Engie for managing gas supply Philippe Vedrenne (Phillipe Vedrenne) during the European Autumn Gas Conference.

“Let me say that this (sanctions – if) disgrace,” he said.

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“It’s a disgrace to see American intervention in the European energy policy, it is a disgrace that the United States plans to divide Europe, a disgrace if the United States will be able to limit the access of Russian gas to Europe, because obviously this will lead to lower competitiveness of the European gas market, higher prices for European industry and for the population,” said Vedrenne.

Engie is one of the European companies involved in the construction of the pipeline” Nord stream 2″, against which the US openly.

In early August, the new US President, Donald trump has signed a law allowing sanctions against any companies in the world helping Russia to build export pipelines, separately mentioning the intention to oppose the project “Northern stream 2”.

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