“Lawyer of the IOC at the meeting of the Commission Oswald said about the presence in Russia of the state system of doping

The main evidence in the IOC think the scratches on the containers for tests

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A lawyer representing the interests of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) at a meeting of the fee Committee in the case of the Russian bobsleigh and skeleton racers insisted on the existence in Russia of an organized system of doping, said in a statement the bobsleigh Federation of Russia.

“The first (meeting) was made by the lawyer representing the interests of the IOC, which outlined the position of the prosecution, based on the testimony Rodchenkova and the report of McLaren. He insisted on the existence in Russia of a system of organized use of illegal drugs and urged to trust the content of the report and the chief witness for the prosecution”, – said in a statement on the Federation website.

While Swiss lawyers of the Russian athletes reminded that the World anti-doping Agency and Professor Richard McLaren have admitted that “the evidence base of the report for insufficient allegations of specific athletes.” So, the scratches on the lids of the containers would appear in their normal use, and not as a result nesanktsionirovanno penetration.

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In response, the lawyer, the IOC continued to insist that containers were subjected to it opening, but additional arguments failed.

Lawyers for the athletes said that a meeting of the Commission Dennis Oswald has been prepared too hastily, that goes against Swiss regulations. The protection time has not provided the materials and it was not possible to assess their credibility.

In defense of the Russian athletes also made the OCD lawyer Vadim birch and sports lawyer Artem Patsev. Birch, in particular said list of so-called Duchess, which was referred to the prosecuting attorney, has no relation to doping and only outlines the range of athletes who could at that time to apply for medals of the Sochi Olympics.

In the end Oswald announced that the Board will review all submissions and will soon announce its decision.

The disciplinary Commission of the IOC on Monday heard the case of speed skating Olga Fatkulina and Alexander Rumyantsev, the skeleton sliders Alexander Tretyakov, Elena Nikitina, Maria Orlova, Olga Potylitsina and sportsman and the head of the bobsleigh Federation of Russia Alexander Zubkov.

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