“The main effort of searching for people in Norway the crashed Mi-8 sent by the Bank

Crashed off the coast of Spitsbergen, the helicopter lifted from the water on the night of November 4, passengers and crew members inside was not

Employee of the Norwegian police during the search of the crew of Mi-8 in Norvegiae TASS Natalia Dmitruk

Russian and Norwegian rescuers will continue to search for passengers and crew members crashed off the coast of Spitsbergen the Russian Mi-8 helicopter.

“At the end of the Russian-Norwegian meeting it was decided to focus efforts on the search for the coastline with the use of watercraft, the Russian emergency Ministry and rescue service of Norway”, – said the head of the operational headquarters EMERCOM of Russia on the Spitsbergen Evgeny Saidov “Interfax” on Monday.

He noted that the search will be conducted during low tide when there is a high probability of detection of objects, put on shore undercurrents.

Saidov stressed that the forces and means for carrying out the search operation is sufficient. “We will continue the inspection of the bottom of the Greenland sea using remotely operated underwater vehicles”, – he said, adding that the search will also be reinforced from the air.

“The search will also be carried out with a helicopter equipped with powerful lighting systems,” said the chief of staff.

He added that rescue operation is complicated by heavy weather conditions and reduced daylight in the polar night.

In the world04 Nov 2017Разбившийся in Norway Mi-8 lifted from the bottom of the Arctic to oceancity read more

Earlier it was reported that the area of search works on the coast were expanded. The area to search is selected in the light of scientific analysis conducted by Norwegian scientists. A search operation is underway for the fifth day, the rescuers EMERCOM of Russia together with representatives of the Norwegian police and volunteers of the red cross.

Helicopter Mi-8 of airline “Konvers Avia”, which was carrying five crew members and three employees of the research Institute of the Arctic and Antarctic, went missing on October 26, when flying from the abandoned village Pyramid in Barentsburg.

On the night of October 29 to search for the helicopter was joined by more than 40 rescuers EMERCOM of Russia, he was discovered on Sunday, the Norwegian ship, two kilometers North-East of Cape Heer. Oct 30, 130 metres from the crash site of the helicopter found the body of one victim.

On the night of November 4 of the crashed Mi-8 was raised from the bottom of the Arctic ocean. Passengers and crew members inside was not. The “black boxes” the helicopter were on Board, the decision to place their decryption will take the Norwegian side.

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