Co-host of the show Sergey Druzhko accused spread his intimate video

In the network appeared an intimate video with Oksana Streltsova, which is the co-host of the YouTube channel Druzhko Show. On the record of a Nude girl having fun with her boyfriend, presumably, are her husband, under the sound of the bell, which means another donation from viewers erotic stream channel.

Photo: vk.comOksana Streltsova.

Users have long accused Streltsova in “accidental” hit on the show. According to haters, the girl allegedly provided to producers sexual services for his appearance in the air. Also “fans” claim that this is not the first such video with her participation and rollers are distributed over the network by chance – it’s all in the PR.

24-year-old Streltsov first appeared on the YouTube channel Druzhko Show in August. She became the leading column “Forecast of Close”, but soon grew to assistant of the main character transmission — Sergey Druzhko.

On the page of the girls, at the time moonlighting as a model in social networks, stated that she has a higher education, and his motto in life finds a quote from Kuprin: “And you never drove a need. No, only boundless greed for life and an unbearable curiosity.”

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