Discovered the oldest spiral galaxy

Experts from a number of Australian research organizations, and gathered data on the galaxy A1689B11 and came to the conclusion that it was formed 11 billion years ago, just 2.6 billion years after the Big Bang. Thus, experts say that A1689B11 is the oldest spiral galaxy of all, discovered today.


Spiral galaxies, which include, in particular, and the milky way and most of the nearest astronomical objects consist of nearly spherical Central bulges, called the “bulge,” and others his “sleeves”. Often at the center of these galaxies is a supermassive black hole. To detect spiral galaxies that appeared when the universe was young, scientists rarely manage.

Information about the galaxy A1689B11 managed to collect through the spectrograph of the Observatory “Gemini”. Her sleeves experts saw the fledgling and still quite primitive. Further study of the galaxy, is supposed to help answer some questions about the evolution of this type of structures and conditions for their formation.

The study was presented in the digital library of preprints As reported, it was accepted for publication scientific publication The Astrophysical Journal.

Recently another group of scientists found in space an even more ancient group of stars. Experts from the American University of Massachusetts at Amherst and Mexico’s national Institute of astrophysics, in cooperation with the team working with the radio telescope Large Millimeter Telescope have discovered a galaxy G09 83808. Her age is estimated to be 12.8 billion years old, so she appeared less than a billion years after the Universe began. The study was published in the journal Nature Astronomy.

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